Monday, June 24, 2013

Mandela's Family Praying For a "Smooth Transition"

Nelson Mandela is near death.   The great man's daughter, Makaziwie, says he is at peace and the family are spending "quality and sacred moments" at his bed side.

All I pray for as a daughter is that the transition is smooth. He is at peace with himself. He has given so much to the world. I believe he is at peace.”


Anonymous said...

This is a post? Why drive others off the front page for crap? Bipolar or egomaniac?

rumleyfips said...

I donlt mid this post. Mandela's strength of character is an example.

When I see some miniature mind complaining I think of Thatcher calling Mandala names because her family's business was gun running to the apartied whackos. I also remember little Jason desperate to get his nose up there calling Mandela a terrorist. Some pair.

Mandala has the last laugh of course. One became disposable and the other irrelevent.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anon, really you must try to restrain yourself. PMS? At least Mandela is a subject of real concern to progressives. What did you do that was so worthy that somehow got knocked off the "front page"?

If you're referring to Progressive Bloggers, I just had a look and found posts about Tim Horton's iced coffee, plants that help your air quality, random links, culture clashes, dogs etc. - all of which could arguably be said to be tangential at best to anything progressive.

You don't seem troubled with those so just what is your major malfunction? It sounds to me you should be seeking a diagnosis.

Lorne said...

I think it is his time, Mound, but I, like countless millions around the world, will be deeply saddened by his departure. Such people who can shine the light instead of spread the darkness are so rare in our world, but he has earned his rest many times over.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ rumley - and let's not forget Cheney who denounced Mandela as a terrorist who deserved to rot in the Afrikaans' jail.

@ Lorne. there's no doubt that Mandela's kind are "so rare in our world." We don't seem to be making them at the rate we're losing them.