Thursday, June 06, 2013

Is Pam Wallin the Ultimate Tory Piggy at the Trough?

Pam Wallin is, by most standards, flush.   In addition to the hefty pension benefits she likely racked up from her broadcasting days, she has plenty of other revenue streams - atop her tidy Senate stipend.

Pamela Wallin has a lucrative life outside politics, where she has been entitled to roughly $1 million in fees and stock options for her role on corporate boards since being appointed to the Senate.

The Star looked through public company profiles, her disclosures to the Senate ethics office and expenses related to her former role as chancellor at the University of Guelph to paint a picture of her non-political activities in advance of the release of a review of her travel expenses by the forensic accounting firm Deloitte.

The Star reported last month that a preliminary review of expenses by external auditors displayed a pattern of claiming Senate expenses on personal business, including her involvement with boards, according to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity in the absence of authorization to discuss the matter. 

In other words, Pam's outside gigs are worth about three times her Senate takings - if you exclude her travel expenses on the Senate tab for her to rake in that outside income.  I smell bacon!


Lorne said...

While I know it is always in bad taste to comment on a person's girth, I couldn't help but notice from a video on CBC yesterday that Senator Wallin has taken on quite a bit of 'excess baggage' since her broadcasting days. Perhaps too much time at the trough is not good for one's physical, not to mention moral health, Mound?

Anyong said...

"I smell bacon!" Hmmm, and saugage to boot.

Steve said...

Oink Oink

The Mound of Sound said...

Now Lorne. It is less than fair for you to note PM's expanding backside without acknowledging that her ever expanding hairstyle keeps it in balance.

BTW - Have you noticed the wigs that Marjory Lebreton has been sporting? Sort of like putting a Cher wig on a mummy. As we get ever older there are some things that become truly age inappropriate. For me that's pretty much anything created after 1980. I stick to Eddy Bauer these days.

Anonymous said...

rumleyfips said...

The greed of Harper's Heavyweights doesn't surprise but the pettyness is breathtaking.

One little piggy submits false claims for $80 per diems.

Another little piggy submitts improper air tickets to attend board meetings for which she is already paid highly enough to cover all expences involved.

High income senators scamming small change makes one wonder if they will ever have enough money to fill the empty part of their souls.

Watch out little piggies: a big bad wolf is huffing and puffing and your vacation homes seem to be made of straw.

kootcoot said...

"High income senators scamming small change makes one wonder if they will ever have enough money to fill the empty part of their souls."

That was so good it needed to be repeated...............