Monday, January 19, 2015

Is British Columbia Ready for a Green Party Breakthrough?

Legendary pundit Rafe Mair looks around his affluent West Vancouver riding and sees change in the air.

In years past, many people whom I know throughout the constituency would rather have been found in a house of ill fame than part of a meeting supporting environmentalists. But this has dramatically changed, and people I once knew as staunch Socreds are now leaders against LNG development, pipelines and tankers, and now openly Green in their politics. Is this happening elsewhere, I wonder?

The Green Party has another plus. More and more Canadians are coming to realize that government MPs are no more than highly paid lickspittles doing precisely what they're told. They pretend to be busy little bees on their constituents' behalf, but the most cursory examination shows this to be rubbish. My own MP, in nearly eight years, has never uttered a single word of criticism of any statement or action by the Tory government.

...The federal Liberal leader doesn't have the magic name in B.C. that he evidently has in Ontario. Nevertheless, B.C. is essentially a small "l" liberal province, driven away from the Liberal party by policy rather than philosophy. Will dislike of Harper translate into votes for the son of the hated Pierre, who probably isn't as hated in death as he was alive?

The NDP has its base and has been strongest of the major parties on the environment. But Thomas Mulcair looks and sounds so... eastern!

While it's early days, I'll venture this prognostication. The Greens will do substantially better than last time, and that doesn't have to be terrific to be effective. In fact, I'll go so far as to predict that they'll hold the balance of power after next November.

If I'm right, at least there'll finally be something happening in Ottawa of interest to British Columbians.


Unknown said...

Let's hope but then again Rafe predicted an NDP landslide in the last BC election. That is where the so-called BC Lie-beral leader photo op flight Queen leader of ours lost the election in her home riding of Vancouver-Point Grey to New Democrat David Eby. She merely and merrily drinking champagne all the way on a chartered flight then bought a second residence in Kelowna and kicked out Ben Steward duly elected MLA to cheat to get in in an extremely snobby part of BC. She knew she would not lose I call it cheating.

Ben's reward are you ready?

A cushy all expenses paid job to China and well heck all of Asia nice dirty trick Clark...

I can't wait till she is thrown "under the bus" when her handlers tire of her stupidity.

bcwaterboy said...

Good point Mogs, although not all Clark's constituents are snobby:)) My hope for the greens is that they tie their coattails to the Liberals at least for this crucial election, and not once again, split the vote and hand harper another majority, which is what my crystal ball is saying. On Clark, you're right, they will tire of the hard work it takes to keep her feet out of her mouth. Her handlers toured my neighbourhood ahead of the Stewart's bye-election asking if I was voting (assuming a check-mark for Clark of course) and were told yes, but definitely not for Clark, he said no more wrote something down and off he went.