Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ditto What Australia Said. America Can Be a "Dangerous Ally"

Former Australian prime minister (1975-83), Malcolm Fraser, fears his country's dependence on the United States could drag Australia into a war not of its own choosing, a war with China.

In Fraser's book, he describes how Australia's blind faith in the UK before World War II left the country unprepared for war. He then goes on to say that currently many feel more vulnerable because of the country's dependence on the United States. What Fraser and many Australian leaders fears most is that the United States will get Australia involved in a coflict not of its own making. "Australia effectively ceded to America the ability to decide when Australia goes to war," said Fraser.

Fraser labelled the United States a "dangerous ally" as Australia has become progressively more enmeshed in American strategic and military affairs since the end of Cold War.

Just as with the armed conflicts in the Middle East, Fraser said that the conflict in Ukraine took place partially due to Washington's attempt to include Ukraine in NATO. He went on to blame the United States lack of historical understanding towards Russia on the matter.

Washington's policy to "contain" China can eventually lead to trouble for Australia. Believing that the United States will eventually use Australia as a base to attack China, Fraser suggested the removal of all American military facilities from Darwin in the north and Pine Gap in the center of the country as soon as possible. The former Australian leader added that the country should be more independent of the United States in both defense and foreign affairs. While recommending that Australia shore up its diplomatic activities throughout Asia and at the UN, he also suggested an increase in defense spending to 3% of the country's GDP.


Toby said...

For years, I have criticized Canada's closeness to the US. We are too snug, too involved with American foreign policy. Too easily drawn into their quagmire.

Troy said...

Canada, too, is too close to the USA, if we're getting drawn into its wars and recessions. One doesn't want to stand on the same ledge where a madman is dancing.

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Seems rather pessimistic, but it's still a good idea to be prepared for this to happen. I'll note neither the USA nor Canada seem prepared (in fact, they certainly weren't prepared for Saudi Arabia's powerplay), but we're in good hands because Harper has an Economic degree!

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, our military is becoming far too integrated with America's. You can tell when you're nearing that point by when the Elephant begins shaping the Mouse's foreign policy.

As I've written all along, the F-35 is Canada's admission ticket to America's Aerial Foreign Legion. If there is a "stealth" conflict it will be under American management. They're the only country that has the armada of support aircraft the F-35 needs to perform its rather narrow role as a light attack bomber. We have no AWACS, J-STARS or Growlers. Those would have to be supplied by Head Office - the USAF.