Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Exorcism of Stephen Joseph Harper

Steve, He's Coming for You

Stephen Harper has a problem.  The Holy Father is coming for him and the rest of his ilk.  This time it's not a legion of scientists who can be gagged and dismissed or a bunch of whiny Third World leaders up to their knees in rising sea water to be ignored.  It's Pope Francis, indisputably the most powerful living religious icon on the planet.  And it's not just Catholics who love this guy - the rest of us also like him just fine.

This year Pope Francis is on a climate change crusade to drive out the carbon demons that have crawled up the ass of Harper and company.  Steve can't duck this one.  His permanently coiffed hair is the telltale sign of demonic possession.

According to The Guardian, Francis is going to issue a Papal edict on climate change, a call to arms to the world's 1.2-billion Catholics.

"...can Francis achieve a feat that has so far eluded secular powers and inspire decisive action on climate change?

"It looks as if he will give it a go.  In 2015, the pope will issue a lengthy message on the subject to the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, give an address to the UN general assembly and call a summit of the world's main religions."

What's that, a "summit of the world's main religions"?  Francis is planning on uniting not only Christendom but also the Muslims, Hindus, and  Buddhists behind climate change and squarely against our own Steve and the rest of the Carbon Clique.

It'll be the Fossil Fuelers versus God in all his/her iterations.  And among those who'll be hearing the message will be a goodly, God-fearing chunk of Canada's electorate.  Oh my, my.  Talk about Divine Intervention.

Given Pope Francis' already impressive batting average, it doesn't look good for Sideshow Steve and his Carbon Demons.  You might say the Vatican is planning to give him a high colonic exorcism.


Fanciful as this might seem, a bit of Google research turned up some interesting facts.  Roman Catholicism is the given religion of 38.7% of Canadians which is about the same as the percentage of votes cast in the last election that handed Harper his majority.  Canada's progressive Protestant churches make up another 15-20% of the population.  You can pretty much count on those Protestant churches to support the pope on climate change.  Even Harper knows not to expect much support from the fact-based outlook of the non-religious.

I think it's certainly possible that a good, climate-change nudge from the nation's pulpits could cost Harper his crown.  Watch for the CRA to crack down on our churches.


Anonymous said...

I doubt what Pope Francis has to say, won't phase Harper one iota.

Harper is a sociopath and only loves Harper, Harper has no honor, decency, ethics nor morals, what-so-ever. Harper is far too arrogant and stubborn, to listen to anyone.

Besides which? Harper's religion does not believe in climate change. Harper's mind is closed against climate change.

Unknown said...

Okay Mound of Sound are you ready for this?

Oxygen that we need to survive has speaking physics or chemistry your choice 8 electrons 8 protons and 8 neutrons where as the 'beast' in the Holy Roman Catholic Bible is "666" well guess what?

Carbon Steve's favorite um let us ignore the carbon footprint BS well carbon has 6 electrons 6 protons and guess what 6 neutrons. [666] No wonder the Pope in Rome is going after Steve the 666 [carbon] worshiper and the carbon is literally destroying life on Earth as we knew it as we were growing up.

Anyways best new year to you and your family in 2015 and some closing thoughts:

Who has Harper not pissed off?
These he has:
Coast Guard,
Army, Navy, Air Force,
Dept of Fisheries workers,
Postal workers,
National Parks workers,
The unemployed,
Anyone who has had his or her job taken by a “Temporary [permanent] Foreign Worker,
Charities on his hit list,
And a ton of Public Service workers he has fired,
Ordinary Canadians who do not like the changes he is making to Canada to benefit the 1% at our expense,
Finally journo’s in the MSM [bout time they woke up and took shots at his majesty instead of swooning over the fool on the hill (Parliament Hill)],
The list is endless oh and by the way I heard Pete MacKay shines Harper’s shoes with his are you ready for it?

Tongue [in cheek]

Cheers Happy New Year,
Mogs Moglio

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Anon - Oh ye of little faith.

@ Mogs - that 666 stuff is pretty good. So too is your list of those Steve has pissed off. Your comments sent me off to Google religious affiliation in Canada. By a significant margin, Roman Catholicism leads the pack. The good part - wait for it - is that at 38.7%, Canadian Roman Catholics match Harper's last electoral performance. How many of those does Francis have to tip out of the Tory camp to send Harper packing?

Lorne said...

With each positive act and statement, Pope Francis is building and expanding his moral authority, Mound. With the following he is garnering, he is in a very good position to speak about climate change and actually be listened to, a real feat for a church that had, before his election, slipped into irrelevancy for the majority.

Unknown said...

All of them Mound all of them and Pope Francis is one of the most popular popes of all time que no or que si? I say que si [Spanish for is it no or is it yes} I think we can rid ourselves of this thug Harper the Roman Catholics and Christians own a ton of votes and they vote. They were fooled last time around but like Pete Townsend penned many years ago "We won't be fooled again"

Bless you for your forward thinking man!

Mogs Moglio

The Mound of Sound said...

It's hard to imagine the Catholic Church as the driving force of a progressive restoration but, damn, it's wonderful!

Unknown said...

Yo Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pope Francis is a turn around driving force. Somebody needs to do it eh?

Unknown said...

Interesting Mound, the head of a faith based religious institution fighting for science based climate change. I was brought up a Catholic, but am now an atheist. I have to say though I really like Pope Francis. I sense that if he was given full reign there is alot of good changes he would make. Harper is no match for this man.

Happy New Year

Unknown said...

Me too Pam I was brought up a wait for it a "catholic" and I now also am an atheist Pope Francis has more money and power behind him [almost 2000 years the catholic church] than Steve can dream of.

Let us hope he smites the beast?

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Pam. I, the consummate white Protestant Upper Canadian, did my undergrad at a Jesuit Uni in the US. That really opened my mind to this radical, almost subversive teaching order within the RC ranks. They did really powerful things to a young, impressionable and usually already indoctrinated mind. You didn't take too many courses with a Jesuit father before you were virtually forced to think for yourself. In my academic life I've never, ever had that much fun.

Unknown said...

Fun Mound of Sound is what you do when you are not working. And beliefs fall like a dime a dozen. Now that being said and admitting I am now an atheist I do believe in a creator or higher force. How did this universe come about my Jesuit friend? I have no answer either...

Mogs Moglio

Anonymous said...

Do you know if the IPCC donates to the RC Church and how much it might be? It is just a question and one put to me by an environmental denialist. Denialst always seem to be able to say these things without proof support their opinion. Anyong

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Mogs. I can't find a comfortable label for my religious status. I think that, as a species, man is too mentally primitive to tackle this question.

@ Anyong. That's a good one. The person who posed the question has obviously not delved into the make up and operations of the IPCC. No, the IPCC hasn't "bought" the Vatican as the question implies. Indeed most climate scientists are atheist or agnostic. However if you run into this person again you might suggest they write the IPCC with their question. It's remarkably child-like.

Unknown said...

@ Mound of Sound "mentally primitive"? I think the majority are not only "asleep at the wheel" but mentally "retarded" you know like a semi tractor truck engine retarder? And very busy being greedy and consuming everything they can lay their grubby hands on or can get credit to buy.

So a majority live above their means corporations do not share their wealth made from abusing wage slaves and there are homeless in Canada?

Shit "mentally primitive" yes I'll buy that term.


The Mound of Sound said...

Mogs, "easy credit" that now manifests in worrying levels of consumer debt was the grease used to facilitate the enormous transfer of unearned wealth out of the middle classes to the very rich. So long as the unwary could seemingly afford all the conveniences and trinkets they allowed themselves to be taken to the cleaners. That is one of the major drivers of the inequality crisis that besets the West. Fortunately for the most affluent, the plebs haven't grasped the reality that they've been mercilessly conned out of their and their kids' future.

Unknown said...

Their and their kids and their grand children's future. When I traveled to third world countries I came back a humbler man needing less consumer goods or credit those cultures were fascinating to me. No credit much less consumerism but strong family values. MoS I salute them they live on pennies [some of them] a day and are no less or more happy then us I learned.

I was writing a book and all my research pointed me to NATO and how they are the ugly aggressive arm of the USA and Great Britain. They murder these peoples and at the same time claim to be on a - wait for it- "humanitarian mission" I am thoroughly disgusted and Steve? He wants to bomb the hell out of them because in his deluded mind he thinks he is from "heaven" or going to it kinda kinda like a Jihadist that he fans the flames for.