Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's Not al Qaeda or ISIS That Endangers My Family. What Truly Imperils My Grandkids Is My Government.

The greatest threat to my grandchildren and their future is not Islamic radicalism. It's the Harper government and its obscene fetish with energy superpowerdom. It's helpful to remember what Harper & Co. are really about and it's a hell of a lot more than simply dragging their heels on climate change.

They're not only doing nothing to curb greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, they're obsessed with maximizing the extraction, production, transportation and consumption of the highest-cost/highest-carbon petroleum and, in the pursuit of their fossil fetish, they actively seek to undermine international consensus and derail any prospect of effective action.  That's going from bad to pernicious to diabolical.

It's not al Qaeda you have to fear.  If you're worried about the world in which your kids and grandkids will live out their lives, the enemy stalking you and yours currently lurks on Parliament Hill and in certain provincial legislatures across our land.

Do you think your grandkids will give a sh_t about you squandering billions (on their tab of course) fighting to save the world from al Qaeda while throwing the environment into chaos and ruin?  They'll be wondering, rather angrily I expect, at why you let it all happen knowing full well what it would mean for them fifty years down the road. They will despise us and with good cause.


Toby said...

I still think Harper's screwball religion is part and parcel of the package.

Gyor said...


Mulcair is your only hope.

Toby said...

Mulcair isn't a hope at all if he won't stop wasting his time over Trudeau and the Liberals. The target has to be Harper and the Conservatives. As long as the NDP and Liberals focus on each other They will give Harper another majority.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry, Gyor, but I side with Toby on Mulcair. Your guy is an opportunist and he'll shift with any change in the wind.

Beijing York said...

I also side with Toby. I have no favourites in this race but only one target - get rid of Harper or any of his political heirs.

Owen Gray said...

If Harper returns, both Canada and the planet are in deep trouble.