Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Better Off Without Him

There probably aren't many in Parliament with a less distinguished career than Conservative MP James Lunney's.

His pension now safely in the bag, Lunney has decided to formalize his legislative contribution by not running in the upcoming federal election.  He'll go down undefeated and very quickly forgotten.

Lunney gives "bible thumpers" a bad name.  A chiropractor in a previous life, Lunney has used his office primarily to promote his evangelical pursuits.  Even with Harper's astonishingly shallow caucus talent pool, Lunney remained in the deepest recesses of the back bench.

So, with nothing at all to lose, Dr. Lumpy has resigned from the Conservative caucus.

In a statement released Tuesday, James Lunney announced that he is withdrawing from the Conservative caucus voluntarily so as not to "entangle the most multiracial, multicultural and multi-faith caucus in parliamentary history" in his decision to defend his beliefs.

Earlier this month, Lunney came to the defence of an Ontario Tory MPP who caused a stir at Queen's Park when he told reporters he doesn't believe in evolution.

"Just stop calling evolution fact," Lunney tweeted.

In his statement Tuesday, Lunney said his comments "were inflated by media, blended with other unrelated but alleged heretical statements and became a top story on national media creating a firestorm of criticism and condemnation."

"Since two other politicians in Ontario and Alberta were targeted during the same period, it is clear that any politician or candidate of faith is going to be subjected to the same public scrutiny in coming elections," he added.

True enough, shit for brains, but you announced your decision to leave politics in 2013.  You weren't running anyway.  Just more of your standard bullshit.

If I sound like I'm taking this personally, perhaps it's because this buffoon sits as the MP for my riding.  That's how I know this character has been nothing but a placeholder since he went to Ottawa.

Lunney makes the case for a Parliamentary Power of Attorney by which he could simply stay home and have someone else cast his vote.


deb said...

yeah IM glad he is leaving. PTL, lol
This story, and the gary goodyear one from a few years back just highlight to me how the education system has failed canada when so many folks, like him really dont get scientific theory ( and they have gone thru postsecondary education.)
They dont live in reality. And reading from the public commentary many canadians have eschewed facts based on scientific reality>>>>For internet facts based on ideology.
Confirmation Bias is everywhere now, its painful, it really is.

This isnt just a few bad players, these con politicians just dont bother with real science and facts and sadly Canadians arent bothering to call them on it, because they just dont know any better.

the salamander said...

.. unfortunately .. Dr. Lunney represents the Harper MP mainstream.. & certainly not his riding, constituents or ordinary Canadians.. rather he represents all the other indolent parasitic lampreys that somehow manage to get elected, then cling to 'power' ..

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lunney? Two weeks at 'back-snapper U' does not a doctor make.

Thanks Nanaimo. What's the name of the next batshit crazy you'll be sending to Parliament?

Trailblazer said...

Lunney is not about to run for office again.
It is questionable why he chose this time to 'come out' and admit to his unorthodox views.
Had he expressed these views earlier it is doubtful that he would have been re elected even in his Nanaimo north riding.
Just how many more Conservatives hold these unorthodox views but like Lunney remain silent?
How much do their views effect Canadian internal & ( especially given the latest government decision to attack Syria)external policy???
Could it be that the 'end times' believers within our Government have a unsupportable popular view upon world events?
Even members of the Conservative Greedy Bastards Club would have a tough time supporting an open; End of times Conservative Government.

Dana said...

"Could it be that the 'end times' believers within our Government have a unsupportable popular view upon world events?"

Um, why would you ask that?

Are you not a good christian? Do you not believe? Are you a terrorist?

Officers? Over here!!!

There, that's better. .

Trailblazer said...

An old Walrus magazine article speculated upon the Harper born again Christian angle.
Alas no one took up the challenge & Harper won office twice more.
Again; the Greedy bastards Club prevailed.
Amazing what we tolerate for $$$.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Trailblazer. Harper's fundamentalist background is the subject of Marci Mcdonald's 2010 book, The Armageddon Factor. As for Lunney, he got on board back when Preston was running the shop.

Danneau said...

I live in the logging, spitting, Lucky Lager part of Lunney's fiefdom where he never sets foot. There is a sign over the door of the "office" but it's hardly ever open and not terribly welcoming. It reminds me of Major Major Major of Catch-22.