Thursday, April 30, 2015

If It Was Up to Me...

I think Canada needs a restraining order against the sociopath now running our federal government.  Ideally something that would keep him a safe distance from Ottawa and prohibit him from lurking anywhere in the vicinity of our kids' future.

Look, here's a test for sociopathy.  A quick 20-questions, multiple choice.  Your experience of Sideshow Steve over the past ten years is more than enough for you to complete the quiz on his behalf.  See for yourself.

This guy is not a prime minister.  He doesn't believe in the parliamentary system. The democracy bits keep getting in his way.  As a sociopath he much prefers to style himself as a CEO or a generalissimo.  He's the Big Cheese and you're not, nobody else is.

He's a master of the ruse.  He came to power pledging transparency and accountability and no sooner had the dupes voted him in than he slithered beneath the carpet never to be either transparent or accountable, just the opposite.

As he dived into his hidey-hole, he took the government with him - the public service, the armed forces, the state police agency, the lot.  The Great Corrupter transformed them from being in service to the public into his personal, partisan political agencies.  You pay for the government but it works for him, not for you. Any doubt about that can be dispelled by looking at how the Canadian Revenue Agency persecutes his critics or examining how the state security apparatus has been harnessed in service to the energy giants against the public.

This was not easy to pull off.  What made it work was his decision to segregate the government from the people.  Public access was severed, a clean amputation. Public servants were gagged, out of reach to the public.  When you intend to run a regime completely liberated from such things as facts and science, you cannot tolerate a public service that could both contradict and embarrass you.

I think this guy is a serious danger to the country.  I fear for what he may do to the Canada our kids and grandkids will inherit.  We are imperiled by this character and by his sham government, the instrument of our national corruption.

So far the only protection we've had against his excesses has come from our Supreme Court.  The judiciary intervenes, time and again, to defend the public from their predatory political master. Is it too much to look to them to safeguard our future from this fiend?


Scotian said...


Not that any of this is news to me, seeing as I spent over a decade trying to drive this home.

Process issues really matter, in some ways even more than ideological and policy ones, and the Harperium has illustrated why that is.

I said a decade ago that his threat to the long term survival of this nation as a nation was on a par with the Quebec Separatists. I've long since come to the belief that he surpassed them in this a long time ago.

This is also one of my main reasons for my absolute fury and rage with the NDP leadership. If I could see all this a decade ago I'm supposed to believe they didn't? That they were simply too ignorant, uninformed, unaware of Harper's history to see any of this then? They made CHOICES that sold Canada and ALL Canadians out, and that I have a hard time with, either forgiving let alone forgetting. That rage is in part because I see the NDP leadership having sold out their principles they claim to care about when they most threatened, and I also feel that way because they showed that their own narrow electoral interests clearly mattered more than the very survival of this nation, not just as a progressive nation but as a nation at all!

At this late stage I have just about reached the point Dana has been at for some time now. If we do not get rid of this government in the next election I seriously believe this nation has signed its death warrant. It may take some time for execution to finally happen, but that it will be inevitable, that I fear will be the case. For someone that was a Canadian nationalist long before that was seen as cool or respectable, whose family history is strongly tied to the evolution of this nation since Confederation, this is NOT something I find easy to say, and the amount of rage behind my feeling the reality I am expressing is well beyond what I am ever going to put online in writing. Text words alone cannot begin to do it justice, not even from someone as verbose as I.

Anyong said...

You need to listen to what Danny Williams said of our PM two Saturdays ago on CBC. The program aired just after "The House". Danny Williams a past PC Premier does not hold a very good impression of Mr. Harper. As a matter of fact, Mr. Harper took away Newfoundland & Labrador's Coast Guard saving a huge amount of 1 million all as punishment for the people and the Premier at the time. That is how vindictive this person is.

Unknown said...

If it was up to me" I wish it was Mound. I understand Scotian's rage. I feel it also and am always these days working to keep it under control. Having Harper as Prime Minister of Canada, is like owning a beautiful old mansion that you've had for years, a mansion that people admire for both its esthetic and historical value, then Harper comes in, shits on your living room floor then leaves. Once again asserting his kind of power.

Toby said...

Scotian said, "Not that any of this is news to me, seeing as I spent over a decade trying to drive this home."

Let me ask you, what do your neighbours say about Harper and his minions? Most of the men I know and many of the women have minds slammed shut like steel traps and they are already lining up to give Harper another majority. I know veterans who are sick about the way the Cons have treated injured soldiers but won't vote Liberal and, since "there are no other parties" they will vote Conservative again. The lack of thought is sickening and frustrating.

Like you, I was warning people about Harper many years ago but all I heard was denial. Even family members told me that Harper couldn't be as bad as I was telling, that his time with the NCC didn't mean that he really wanted to get rid of universal health care, that his lambasting social services was just politics and didn't mean anything, etc. What on earth has to be done to get Canadians out of their self induced comas?

Northern PoV said...

"So far the only protection we've had against his excesses has come from our Supreme Court. " Exactly, Mound.
Yes the civil service, the RCMP, Parliament and many other institutions shut down, neutered or sold off. The list is so long (and we all know it well) so I leave it at the most recent insult to our civil society: the Wheat Board and their new ethical owners.
We still have the courts, but that's why I am dreading Oct. 19... give Harper 4 more years and he can likely stubborn the judicial system too.
You can be sure Harper has filled the lower courts as best he can but so far the mid and senior ranks (I presume) are the legacy of past Lib/PC gov'ts, hence the judiciary has been resistant.
He almost got away with the Nadon appt (and set a new precedent) but for one brave lawyer. He will be bolder after another majority which is where we may be headed.

Toby, do you watch TV? I stopped years ago but I've noticed that it is the TV watchers that are brain dead to these issues.
Money and media control trumps all other factors it seems.

Rural said...

I can only agree with all that is said above, I too have difficulty in holding back my rage over the way our democratic processes are being abused to the point where I find it difficult to write coherently about it.

Anyong said...

Rural...I am in the same position. When trying to express my objection to the PC's, anger flows to the fore. So many people have iron door on their minds.