Wednesday, June 08, 2016

It's Not Just KPMG That's Looking Bad

With the revelations emerging about the accounting giant, KPMG, and the sketchy - no, worse than sketchy - Isle of Man tax dodge deal, the Canadian Revenue Agency may not be getting the attention it so richly deserves for its part in this.

As Alan Freeman wrote in iPolitics last month, the revenue agency is "rotten to the core." It's a perfect opportunity for Mr. Trudeau to clean house, or in this case, the stables. It would be a challenge befitting of Hercules cleaning the Augean Stables.

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Northern PoV said...

Hey ...... they can't be too thorough, they need somewhere to stash their cash.

Off topic: I think we've both been fascinated with Podemos success to date.
First they were innovative in the use of video (TV & online)
Now this: