Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Oh Dear. Trump's Dirty Laundry - To Russia with Love.

This could be very awkward.  Hackers, allegedly from the Russian government, are said to have broken into the computers of the Democratic National Committee and filched the database on opposition candidate, Donald Trump.

The intruders so thoroughly compromised the DNC’s system that they also were able to read all email and chat traffic, said DNC officials and the security experts.

The intrusion into the DNC was one of several targeting American political organizations. The networks of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were also targeted by Russian spies, as were the computers of some GOP political action committees, U.S. officials said. But details on those cases were not available.

“It’s the job of every foreign intelligence service to collect intelligence against their adversaries,” said Shawn Henry, president of CrowdStrike, the cyber firm called in to handle the DNC breach and a former head of the FBI’s cyber division. He noted that it is extremely difficult for a civilian organization to protect itself from a skilled and determined state such as Russia.

“We’re perceived as an adversary of Russia,” he said. “Their job when they wake up every day is to gather intelligence against the policies, practices and strategies of the U.S. government. There are a variety of ways. [Hacking] is one of the more valuable because it gives you a treasure trove of information.”


Anonymous said...

Anyong said....I wonder if they are the people who hacked into the University of Calgary. They paid out 20,000 to get their information back.

The Mound of Sound said...

I can't imagine the Russian government would target the University of Calgary, Anyong. Could you really imagine Moscow demanding a ransom like that?

Anonymous said...

No I don't. My comment was supposed to be funny which it is. LOL!

Ben Burd said...

Pity they didn't do this a few months back, Bernie would not have had to sue the DNC to get the data.

Anonymous said...

In other news: hackers from "XY" state are breaking into your computer as firmware for EVERY hd has been infected with malicious code