Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Saudi Prince Snubbed?

In the wake of Hillary Clinton's remarks linking Saudi Arabia to Islamist terrorism, a possible new rebuke to Riyadh, this time from the White House.

It was billed by Riyadh’s state media as a trip for Saudi Arabia’s powerful deputy crown prince to meet with President Barack Obama and other senior U.S. officials. But now that Prince Mohammed bin Salman has arrived in Washington, it’s still unclear if the president or any White House officials will meet with him, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

“No confirmation at this time for any WH meetings,” White House spokesperson Dew Tiantawach told Foreign Policy.

“Very unusual for the Saudis to come out saying he is meeting with Obama and White House not confirming it,” said David Ottaway, a Saudi expert at the Wilson Center in Washington. “They certainly knew he was coming.”

Prince Salman is also the Saudi defence minister which taints him with the atrocities (war crimes) his military is inflicting on Houthi civilians in Yemen. As I understand it, he's also next in line to the Saudi throne.


Dana said...

Perhaps the boy king will invite him to address Parl't, since he's over here and all, and tell us how they're using the "trucks" we sold them to take little Saudi girls to school.

The Mound of Sound said...

Dana, those aren't "trucks." They're "jeeps." And, besides, little Saudi girls have no need for schooling. That'll only lead them to want to drive.

Dana said...

Well, what's one distortion more or less.

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