Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Scud Stud Drops One in PostMedia's Lap

Two hundred large, plus costs, - that's the tariff a Calgary court has awarded Arthur Kent in damages for defamation against PostMedia and scribe, Don Martin.

“While the article did not accuse Mr. Kent of any illegal or immoral acts, it characterized him as an egotistical, politically naive, arrogant candidate whose campaign was in disarray,” Justice Jo’Anne Strekaf said in a written decision Wednesday.

She awarded Kent a total of $200,000 from the defendants.

“I find that Mr. Kent is entitled to significantly more than nominal damages. He suffered substantial distress and damage as a result of the defamatory factual statements in the article,” she said.

“The damage was also exacerbated by the exaggerations and sarcastic tone in the article, by aspects of Mr. Martin’s conduct and by the unfairness to Mr. Kent from Mr. Martin’s failure to provide him with an opportunity to respond prior to publication of the article.”

“Alberta Conservatives have bestowed problem candidate Arthur Kent with a less flattering designation as he noisily blusters his way through their reeling election campaign — the Dud Scud,” Martin wrote.

Oopsie! I kind of think this is the sort of judgment that might invite an appeal. If not, Kent had better get busy to get his 200-grand out of Paul Godfrey while PostMedia is still afloat.


Anonymous said...

The NatPo seems to be on a defamation lawsuit losing streak. Just this February they were ordered to pay $50,000 to climate scientist Andrew Weaver. Oh well, if stories of Postmedia's perilous financial condition are true, they could soon be judgment proof.


The Mound of Sound said...

I expect, Cap, that when you're extremist politically, you're bound to veer into defamation with some regularity.