Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Bang or a Fizzle - Is Mueller Ready to Talk?

Bloomberg is reporting that special counsel, Robert Mueller, is about to deliver his report into the two key aspects of his investigation - dealings between the Trump campaign and the Russians and the possibility that Trump obstructed justice in the investigation into these matters.

From the mountain of investigative news reports to the stack of books published over the past year to documentaries such as "Active Measures," a great deal of dirt on Trump and Company has already been released and it powerfully supports the notion of Trump as a puppet of the Kremlin thanks to a lengthy history of laundering money for the Russian mafia.

To what's already in the public sphere, Mueller has banking records from the Bank of Cyprus and, more importantly, Deutsche Bank, along with the evidence of cooperating witnesses and probably Donald Trump's tax returns. From this Mueller has obtained a good many Grand Jury indictments against Trump associates and Kremlin operatives.

Mueller's report is supposed to go to the deputy AG, Rosenstein and on to Congress. How much of the contents, if any, will surface in public remains to be seen.


Purple library guy said...

Trump has almost certainly been involved in a lot of shady dealings since way back in New York city . . . we're definite on a bunch of really seriously illegal tax stuff, but I'm sure as a crooked property guy there's plenty of Mafia dealings. And yet I'm very much willing to believe that he was never "in the pocket of" either the governor of New York state or the mayor of New York city.

Similarly, I'm fairly certain that Trump has had significant shady dealings in Russia, probably mounting to the scale of, in effect, involvement in organized crime. But what I'm not at all certain of is that this would mean Trump would consider himself beholden to or particularly blackmailable by the Russian state, whether or not personalized in the form of Vladimir Putin. Even if we assume involvement by the state in organized crime to an extent even greater than in the US, such that they'd have all the receipts, the guy doesn't have a sense of gratitude and his ego and overconfidence are too great to let him be all that wary of the consequences of revealed misconduct.

Trump is doubtless a traitor to the United States, but only in the same pure self-interest sense all the other US politicos are traitors to the United States. And in terms of which foreign states are paying him off the most, that would seem to be Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Jay Farquharson said...

Wonkette rips the Bloomberg reporting for the shit it is.

One thing we know is true, Meuller doesn't leak, so any leaks about what Meuller may, or may not do, come from inside the Insane Clown POSus's White Supremacy House.