Friday, October 26, 2018

Trump's Going to Have Trouble Disavowing This Guy

Here's Trump's very own bomber-boy at, you guessed it, a Trump rally.

Another Trump rally.

Here's Sayoc's headshot without the lovely MAGA hat.

Then there's his van. Note the cheery message in the bottom right corner of the passenger window.

This silly bastard is pure, 100% Trump Gullibilly.


Dana said...

Yah, but he had a rilly, rilly good idea and now all sorts of Trumpian heros will crawl out of the slime with their own rilly, rilly good ideas and some of them will probably work.

I'm absolutely certain there are FBI agents and other officials at the Justice Department who are annoyed at having to arrest this guy - perhaps annoyed enough that some will refuse or otherwise short circuit possible future orders in the next case targeting democrats.

The USA really is dying before our very eyes.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Dana, I believe the USA may be dying before our very eyes. I can't see how the wounds that afflict America and undermine what little remains of social cohesion can be healed with words.

I'm expecting delivery on Monday of Chris Hedges' new book, "America:The Farewell Tour."

We're seeing events today that would have been dismissed as unimaginable not many years ago. We struggle to accept these changes and yet we can't run from them.

I too fear Sayoc will inspire copycats who may be willing to succeed where Sayoc failed. How much of this will the non-Tea Party population tolerate before they respond with some degree of force?

It was just a month of two ago when a survey of "experts" found that 40% believed the US could succumb to civil war within just five years.

Jay Farquharson said...

The ReThug's will have no issues disavowing the #MAGABomber.

So I assume all the people that said it was a false flag or that the bombs weren't real won't be invited back on TV to offer opinions anymore, right?

Don’t jump to conclusions because the MAGABOMBER has a MAGA-decorated van. He might be as innocent as Prince Mohammed Bone Saw and Brett Rapey Kavanaugh.

Jay Farquharson said...

"What we have seen this week with Sayoc’s terrorism campaign, as well as with conservative and/or Republican elites and notables (elected officials, appointed officials, pundits, and commenters) and just supporters of the President who continue to toss around the idea that this is all a false flag or a hoax or somehow actually perpetrated by the intended targets to harm the President or the GOP’s electoral chances in two weeks, are perfect examples of social learning in general and neutralization and drift in specific. We can clearly observe:

Primary associations in regard to being an objective or subjective supporter of the President.
Learning definitions favorable, unfavorable, and neutralizing of behavior. Sayoc clearly learned from the President, as well as other Republican and conservative authority figures, that it is okay to target and vilify former and current Democratic officials or officials appointed by them, center left to left of center funders of liberal and progressive causes, CNN and other news media outlets that the President doesn’t like and often denigrates, and outspoken elite and notable critics of the President. We can also see this at play in the attempts to wave away this terrorist campaign by claiming it is fake news or a hoax perpetrated by the victims.
Reinforcement is also clearly present. Specifically, Sayoc received reinforcement from conservative news media and conservative social media as current and former Republican officials, news media figures, commenters, and pundits, as well as just a large number of the President’s supporters talked about and magnified Sayoc’s actions through the attempt to dismiss it with whataboutism and bothsiderism, as well as calling it fake news or a hoax or denying the legitimacy of the victimization of the actual targets.
While we haven’t specifically seen imitation yet, it will, unfortunately, likely appear in copycat actions over the next couple of weeks. And potential copycats do not necessarily have to copy the method of trying to make and use pipe bombs sent through the mail."

the salamander said...

.. the sheer 'performance' absurdity of a Trump 'Rally'
and his girning, grinning, posturing, preening, strange facial contortions
and the chosen few in the background, the arena & his delerious crowd..

Whew ! And one of the historically hysterical Trump Fan Club
gives the entire world a close up el freako performance in aid of his hero
How wondrous to see just how distorted ordinary Trump groupies are..

The entire shebang.. the GOP, Trump, the Hannity & Michael Savage's
the Alex Jones types, Rush Limbaugh, Donald JR, Michael Flynn
all exhibiting like the MAGAbomber just what dregs they actually are..

Its some sort of twilight zone.. a social zombie and/or droog glee club
Is the MAGAbomber more screwy than Sara Huckabee Sanders?
Who really knows.. Worse than Trump himself ? Or Mitch McConnell ?

Hell, the entire bunch are showing us just how diseased they are
and in my view not much distinguishes them from each other

Owen Gray said...

There has always been a black hole in the American character, Mound. Trump has enlarged it. And all kinds of people -- like this guy -- have been sucked inside.

The Mound of Sound said...

I deleted your bigoted remarks, Anon. "Fake news weasels" - sorry but the train of slime that follows Trump from Charlottetown to this clown won't be indulged here. You're obviously part of it which puts you on the wrong side of decency, just like that buffoon of a president.

Deacon Jester said...

Love to know where that "anon" posted from.

Anonymous said...

I have to say...I am beginning to believe that "Democracy" has reached a point of no return. Anyong