Monday, October 08, 2018

Is This the Smoking Gun?

A powerful article in The New Yorker chronicles "back channel" online communications between Trump's team and Russia's Alfa Bank during the 2016 election campaign.

I'm borderline computer illiterate so I'll invite you to read the article and decide for yourself.


Northern PoV said...

If last week's charade on the SC didn't disabuse you on the hope for a 'smoking gun' then nothing will.

Trump is here to stay until his entertainment/distraction value is used up. Then it's Pres Pence time. Cheers

ffibs said...

You're right MoS that was a difficult read and since they can only trace the timing and and frequency of the connections, it is all speculative. But one theory mentioned near the bottom that the connection was used to update the Russians on gone Ever changing Cambridge data, setting the targets and topics for the FB/media attacks makes sense to me. Targeted hits would work.

Who knows?