Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Manitoba Nixes Trudeau Carbon Tax

Manitoba has joined Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario in rejecting the federal government's carbon pricing initiative.
The Manitoba government says it is pulling out of its plan to charge a carbon tax and is joining some other provinces opposed to the federal government’s demands.

Premier Brian Pallister says Ottawa has not respected the province’s right to come up with its own plan with a lower rate.

The federal government has demanded provinces charge a tax on carbon emissions starting at $10 per tonne by the end of this year and rising to $50 per tonne by 2022.


Lorne said...

I have a friend in Winnipeg with whom I speak regularly, Mound. He has a very, very low opinion of the Pallister government. It is just another iteration of the reactionary character that defines Progressive Conservatives today.

Northern PoV said...

The fig leaves continue to fall.

crf said...

This is not exactly bad news. The federal plan which Manitoba will default to is a simple carbon tax, and likely to be more effective than the complex cap-n-trade policy mush the Ontario Liberals (for example) were pursuing.

Owen Gray said...

I wonder if their position will change once the money goes directly into the pockets of their electors.

Purple library guy said...

"Progressive" Conservatives. Managing to make worthless Liberals look good since . . . how bloody long ago now?