Friday, April 05, 2019

Jody Critics - You've Got Company. Conrad Black Appears Like-Minded

Lord Connie of PiddlePuddle has spoken. Trudeau should have turfed Justice Minister Jody long ago.

And, FFS, stop getting worked up about fine Canadian enterprises greasing a few palms along the way. Pay no attention to that elitist OECD and the 1997 Convention on Combating Bribery that Canada, along with 44 other nations, signed onto and which led to Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act.

It's another ripping yarn from the old convicted felon/jailbird.  Hells Bells, it's just a little larceny after all. Who doesn't do that?


Anonymous said...

Mentioning Lord Black of Crossharbour is an easy way of raising my blood pressure into the danger zone.

That picture of him putting all those incriminating files from his office into his car always flashes into my mind. He knew they'd be "misinterpreted" by small-minded peons like police and prosecutors. Too bad he ripped off the wrong people and spent years lecturing recovering break-and-enter Floridian convicts on the more abstruse aspects of Napoleon's losing battle plan at Waterloo. What a guy.

And as someone who renounced Canadian citizenship to become a Brit, then came bleating back to Canada for refugee status after his US Greybar Hotel incarceration, he just gets my goat. One presumes he's still living here by Ministerial permission only. If that ain't privilege and jimmying the system, I don't know what is. Apparently the Brits didn't want him back as a convicted felon Lord, so we had to take him; harper's one and only true and happy act of granting refugee status was for this poor waif.

No wonder dear Conrad supports greasing foreign palms, having had vast experience at breaking the law himself, and yet he now has the absolute gall to sit there in luxury and lecture us all. Screw him. He also supported Doug Ford for premier. It takes one complete wanker to know another one.

Thanks. I feel much better now.


The Mound of Sound said...

He is pretty galling, isn't he? He's an avid defender of Trump and Ford, Brexit and bribery. For a fellow of such considerable intellect, he's certainly a strange bird, should I say "jailbird"?

I too remember the security cam photos of him removing those boxes. I suppose he was angry at being shown performing manual labour as he was surprised to discover that buildings had video surveillance. He must have done a Homer Simpson "doh!"

He didn't simply renounce Canadian citizenship, he slurred the Canadian people on his way out. We didn't deserve his quality. And then he came back on bended knee, using Ms. Amiel's serious health problems to leverage some compassionate grounds admittance to the Bridle Path.

Do the Brits have to allow him back in should he choose to return? I read an article some time ago suggesting that he would be snubbed by his fellow peers if he returned to the Lords. That would surely be more than his ego could bear.

John B. said...

There’s the possibility that his presence in the House of Lords might initiate a move to expel him. He may be absenting himself as an obligation to a Gentlemen’s Agreement. He might figure that his notable ability to engage in insults wouldn’t be enough for the challenge he could face if he violated the agreement.

The Mound of Sound said...

We may never know, John. Black may be a sullied yet permanent fixture by now.

the salamander said...

.. I trust my elder sister's abrupt outlook..
'fight the battles you can win, bro'
(stay clear of the ones she chooses)

There are certain folks I just ignore..
I don't and will not read their blatherings
I don't need the pollution of, or any vestige
of whatever they winnow from their existence

Make no mistake, I will and have worked
with the addicted, the troubled, the violent
but I don't accept certain other, thriving in media

Black, Joe Oliver, Lorne Gunter, Wente, Levant, Ford
Goldstein, Goldy, Pederson, Harper, MacKay, Kenney
Rex Murphy, Christy Clark, Corbella, Flanagan, Boessenkool etc

I just draw the line around letting destablizing people
into my life.. once I 'get it'.. I don't need the f'n drama
I can't manage the risk.. I just know.. what I know
At what point to do I choose to be a volunteer,
and not a victim.. and why would I do that ?

At what point do I just stay alert for a means
to spike their media cannon barrages..
if I see it as useful overall, to The Environment

The Mound of Sound said...

Hey, Sal. That's an utterly cringeworthy Rogues Gallery you have there. It reminds me that there are plenty of malevolent actors among us today. These are players who go absolutely rigid at the thought of progressive democracy.

Anonymous said...

Whom is at fault here for this scoundrel's behavior? The government of Canada ...that's who. He was allowed to do what he did with a slap on his hand for doing so. Anyong

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