Friday, April 26, 2019

The Vendetta Deepens?

Kinsella is hinting he has some new strategy to attack Justin Trudeau and the Liberals as the election nears.

He tweeted this to someone who objected to his relentless attacks on the prime minister:
"I'm just getting warmed up, sonny. Wait'll you see what I've got planned for closer to the writ"
Now it's not my place to tell Liberals to cut the self-proclaimed "law prof" loose but, honestly, how much of this can they abide?  Maybe it's time his "former boss," Jean Chretien put a stop to it or maybe he's fine with it.  


Northern PoV said...

K is yesterdays news and he just can't get over it.
blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

Well, Kinsella assured us that now ex-premier Wall of Sakatchewan was a darn good guy, and that Doug Ford was salt of the earth. He has pursued the dumbfucks who distributed Ward News but that's about all the approval I can personally award him. Trudeau is a phoney he says, which is why he's going after him. His consistency revolves around boasting and promoting himself as an author and musician and law prof at U of C, and now he is going to volunteer for the Joe Biden campaign in the US, ahem. He did the same for Hillary, so he can pick out neocons at 40 paces with accuracy.

One wonders if he has looked into the laws surrounding foreign nationals and US elections:

Sanders was fined for using Australian volunteers last go around.

The Mound of Sound said...

Out of curiosity I looked up the faculty roster at the Calgary U. law school. As I expected he's no law professor, just a "sessional", one of five teaching a strange course Law599xx. There are but two courses that bear the "xx" designation and I'm guessing that stands for "wink, wink." His portion is "crisis communications." I guess law professor sounds impressive even if undeserved. It's the tout in him, I suppose.

the salamander said...

.. I do keep track of the guy.. a local Beacher in Toronto. he's done yeoman work with wife Lisa.. on the hate rag down there.. I see he now downrates Nate.. Nathanial Erskine-Smith. Perhaps Kinsella is just catching a wave off Ms Reybould-Wilson and ms Philpott.. I dunno.. they have a PR company.. Daisy Group - the two of them are not dullards whatsover.. strong parents. His usual commenters.. and there are many, are a mixed & interesting bag.. and he's pretty tolerant (much like you).. Many lr most of the commenters are pretty darn plugged in too.. But I do find his recent huge posting presence pretty strident. Not M Simon overheated like his coterie of diehard Trudeau zealots.. but a fair barrage of opinionation.. Is he a weenie for Scheer ? I seriously doubt that.. and not a Nick Kouvalis type schemer wank

Anonymous said...

He has a hate on for Trudeau and seems to be driving Canada's gentle coup.
Is there any way to get at the roots of this?
And how do we get him off Prog Blog?

Ben Burd said...

Finally someone has the courage to speak out about this guy Kinsella, a thinskinned egotist who revels in the past; a dodgy link to Chretien. As a result of being on the wrong side of Martinites he has pursued a vendetta against anybody that smells of Martin and now Trudeau. Obviously he thinks he can do a much better job but has failed to be elected so he cannot get to the start line.

Personally I have been blocked from his site, as others have, because I have the temerity to question his holy opinions. I do take offence at the suggestion he is tolerant. He is only tolerant to those who are outrageous and provide entertainment to his clickbait - come on down Gord Tulk.

Well Mound keep it up and maybe we can pin most of the blame for the manufactured SNC "scandal" on a few media people - predominantly WK.

rumleyfips said...

I.m blocked too. Wornout isn't the only old guard liberal on ProgBlog who is anti Trudeau, there are a couple of others. They seem unable to accept new leadership, thinking that only they have the answers. That type of ' progressive thinking ' helped Harper and now they want to help Scheer. Hell hath no fury like an old fart scorned.

I keep thinking that Kinsellout was turned down for a job by Butts and the loss of a needed salary gave him a chapped ass that just won't heal.

Frank magazine keeps up with the Kinsellouts.

Northern PoV said...

"I keep thinking that Kinsellout was turned down for a job by Butts and the loss of a needed salary gave him a chapped ass that just won't heal."

K has been persona non grata in the Lib party forever. I think this started even before Martin's coup. I saw him at the Lib convention in Vancouver about ten years ago. He was wandering around with a bewildered scowl on his face.

"And how do we get him off Prog Blog?"
just saw this on Prog Blog ... I dearly hope it is regarding K.
He was never more than "clutter" on the site.
"Hi folks:

Iv’e been away and absorbed with personal matters the past 2-3 days and did not notice until I checked my email now (and saw the last 2-3 pages of the last 2-3 days) that 1 affiliate of Progressive Bloggers was mass posting and virtually crowding out every other poster on here. That affiliate has been removed.

My apologies to affiliates and readers alike for the annoyance."

The Mound of Sound said...

Few politicians don't attract criticism. It is part of the job. The thin-skinned are gone quickly.

That said there is reasoned criticism based on policy failings, real or perceived, and partisan criticism, inherent in the opposition role and a lot of overlap between them. Reasoned criticism doesn't have to be personal although a pol's ardent supporters invariably take it as "hate."

What we have in this case is personal and, in my opinion, rises to the level of stalking. There's a lot of emotion in this and the doggedness is extraordinary.

This idea that he's about to launch a devastating attack timed to have maximum impact on the election and, not just the target but the Liberal Party itself, that, if successful could only help the Conservatives, strikes me as reprehensible, putting ego and vengeance ahead of party and even the country.

Hardly a day passes that I don't try to make the argument that Canada cannot afford to remain enmeshed in this fossil economy. Those taking to boats this weekend in eastern Canada and Quebec would probably agree. Trudeau and Scheer are on the wrong side of this issue but that doesn't mean they are two sides to the same coin. Scheer is, by a good measure, the worst of the two.

As for ProgBlog, Scott Tribe is fully aware of what's happening. His position, and it's readily understandable, is that ProgBlog is for progressives, not Liberals, not New Dems. This fellow tends to say progressive things and you can judge whether he's sincere or not.

Scott, very much a Liberal, has stood by me when Trudeau fanciers have urged that he ditch my blog.

Besides, what this fellow disseminates on ProgBlog already falls on deaf ears. Trudeau won't be losing any votes from ProgBlog bloggers or readers due to WK. If anything he might firm up the resolve of the prime minister's supporters.

Liberal Party members must decide how to deal with this. Bear in mind that these in-house insurgencies are a hallmark of parliamentary politics. Diefenbaker-Camp, Clark-Mulroney, Turner-Chretien, Dion-Ignatieff are some examples from our era.

BTW, I was speaking with a true Liberal supporter from JWR's riding. She doesn't think Jody will necessarily win that riding again whether as an independent or a Green.

The Mound of Sound said...

NPoV, that had nothing to do with WK but a fellow named Eugene Plawiuk and his blog, La Revue Gauche.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau needs to be turfed out for lying about his electoral promises, WK's help, whatever his motives are, is welcome by me.
If every lying bastard got dismissed, we might have a better governance after few election cycles.

rumleyfips said...

MOS re comment at 10:25:

Your first 4 paragraphs could be applied to JWR.

The Mound of Sound said...

Which may be why some people see them in league, Rumley.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anon 11:00 a.m. - We haven't had a leader who was honest and kept his word for many years. Harper promised accountability and transparency only to turn his government into a Hermit Kingdom devoid of either.

To me, I'll be thinking of First Nations reconciliation, electoral reform and social licence, when the Trudeau platform is unveiled. It won't matter much because I vote Green anyway.

Anonymous said...

"We haven't had a leader who was honest and kept his word for many years."
Exactly. Because we did not turf them out at the first available moment.
If every lying bastard got dismissed, we might have a better governance after few election cycles.