Tuesday, April 09, 2019

This Is Starting to Turn Downright Fenian

Enough with Wilson-Raybould and Philpott, Trudeau and Scheer. Enough. We've been bombarded with this stuff, especially by some who seem determined to stir  the swill bucket at every opportunity.

You might remember the Fenians as pain-in-the-ass Irish ex-pats who rose up against the British Crown, or imagined they would, and launched a series of nuisance raids out of the States into New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and even Manitoba.

Fenian raiders stirred up a lot of shit but their efforts ultimately backfired. They unwittingly created a sense of a foreign threat that played a role in the push for Confederation.

We've all formed our own opinions on the Justice Minister Jody affair and, guess what? We're going to get a chance to vote in just a few months. If it really matters to you in October you can vote against the government (unless you're already voting for another party).

Let me put it this way. There are other issues and this in-house Liberal insurgency is not only a distraction but a colossal bore.  If the goal was to topple Justin, well, it hasn't worked. If that's not the goal, what is? A form of electoral "self harm"? We don't like you so we're going to make it easier for Andrew Scheer to teach you a lesson?

The fact is I don't agree with Justin or the way he's bungled this or a lot of other things he's done and he's failed to do. I don't agree with Jody either. She's a hustler just like the rest of them and, as for her high principles? Here's Jody as a Grand Chief denouncing the Site C dam as the work of the devil himself, an international outrage, before she went to Ottawa and helped push Site C through.

Flip and Flop. So, yeah, a pox on all their houses. Now, can we put down the damned Molotov cocktails and get back to governing the country?

If you need a giggle, the prime minister can help. He's threatened to sue Andrew
Scheer in libel for claiming that Mr. Trudeau is corrupt. He told reporters, “there are consequences short-term and long-term when politicians choose to twist the truth and distort reality for Canadians, it’s not something we’re going to put up with.”

WARNING: Short-term consequences may include winning a majority in Parliament on twisting the truth and distorting reality with promises of electoral reform, First Nations reconciliation, "social licence" and such.  Long-term consequences? We'll see in October.


Owen Gray said...

They're all missing the big picture. A friend visited today, after returning from a trip to St. John, New Bruswick. He says the water in St. John Hsrbour is rising. It could soon cover the docks there. The issue is right in front of us -- if we open our eyes.

The Mound of Sound said...

Maybe these diversions suit our MPs on both sides of the House, Owen. My guess is that no major party wants to have that "adult discussion" about climate change with the public. It would only force them to confront the severity of what's coming and what we would need to do (including sacrifice) to avert the worst impacts.

I know lots of people and I'm sure you do also Owen who do their utmost to look the other way, people who "don't want to know." I'd like to think there was a time when Canadians were better than that.

Anonymous said...

That's Saint John, NB, Owen. It's spelled that way to distinguish it from St John's NF for those not in the know. Doesn't work for Upper Canadians I guess.

The Bay of Fundy has rather high tides - I grew up on a headland in Digby County NS where you could just see the lights of Saint John at night forty miles away.

My brother and his better half live right on the shoreline in Smith's Cove in the Annapolis Basin, 43 miles from Saint John. The tide, she goes out a long way and the clam diggers dig. Even on Xmas day when I was last there and it was minus 10.

Don't think the sea level rise in Saint John has quite yet reached the drastic proportions Owen's friend thinks. My brother's seawall hasn't been overflowed and it was built in the 1930s. Give it, say five years, when they have to move in with us the way things are going - we live on top of a 300 foot high drumlin. Half of Halifax will be wanting to live here by then.