Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Two Thirds of Britons Believe World in "Climate Emergency"

Good. It seems the British people have done what their political caste has so far refused to do. They have concluded that the world is in a state of climate emergency.

Two-thirds of people in the UK recognise there is a climate emergency and 76% say that they would cast their vote differently to protect the planet. 
The findings, in a poll commissioned by Greenpeace, come as the group unveiled a detailed “climate manifesto”, listing 134 key actions they say the government should take immediately to ensure the UK hits zero carbon emissions as soon as possible. 
The manifesto – which will be sent to MPs, policymakers, thinktanks and other experts for feedback – was released on Tuesday, a day before a parliamentary vote on whether to declare a national climate emergency.
In Canada, the great petro-state of Canada, we've been groomed, both domestically and by the nonsense relentlessly spewed south of the border, to believe there is no emergency. Just go to a story on climate change in any Canadian news site and read the comments. But, if you really want to get down in the sewer you'll have to rub elbows with the likes of Scheer, Kenney, Pallister, Moe and Ford, paid patsies of the fossil energy giants. And before you Liberals get smug, your guy is a little better but not all that much.

The measures outlined in the manifesto include:

A tripling of wind and solar power from current levels to ensure 80% of electricity comes from renewables by 2030.

Ambitious targets to phase out the internal combustion engine in cars and vans with all new vehicles to be electric by 2030.

Huge insulation drive on all existing and new buildings, and the installation of renewable generation on site as far as possible.

A commitment to protect all high-carbon natural habitats and bold targets for habitat restoration/rewilding on land and at sea – including planting at least 700m trees over the next decade. 
The manifesto was released alongside polling carried out by Opinium in the midst of the Extinction Rebellion protests. It found:

63% of British public think they are in a climate emergency.

76% say they would vote differently to protect the planet and climate.

64% say government is responsible for taking action on climate change.
The Brits have it figured out. If you want real action on climate change from your government, you have to make them afraid of you, very afraid. It's time we did the same here.

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