Saturday, April 27, 2019

What Are You Hearing?

I've recently had some interesting conversations with friends in Vancouver and Ontario. In each case the other side brought up the issue of climate change and, specifically, how it might be a factor in the October elections.

These are highly-educated, politically active, individuals even if not always scientifically inclined. They mentioned that, in their circles, people who might not have been particularly concerned about climate change before are now becoming quite worried about what's happening and may happen in the next decade or two.

Too little, too late? I don't know. How much change does there have to be in public opinion to shift our political caste?

When you look at what's already happening and what's building for the 2020s it's insane, utter madness, to be pimping fossil fuels.  Yet both of our conservative parties, the far-right Conservatives and the centre-right Liberals, are still firmly in the pocket of the fossil fuelers.  And, in keeping with the now customary pattern, they expect to take, between them, about three quarters of the votes cast this October.

What I want to know is whether there's anything to what I'm hearing. Are our fellow Canadians becoming discernibly worried? Is climate change an increasing priority?

What are you hearing?


Owen Gray said...

I'm hearing from my friends that they're seriously considering voting Green, Mound. I don't know if that has to do with climate change or fatigue with the established parties. But that's what I hear in this little corner of the universe.

Trailblazer said...

Sorry squire, I hear nothing.
The people of BC can create a crowd of 60,000 for 420 day proving ,to me, that they think mind altering drugs are more important than most things in life.
I hear cries of rage at gas prices in Vancouver , I hear demands for Independence from Alberta.
It seems that we are addicted to marijuana and oil.
Perhaps smoking a joint dulls reality and helps people cope with the unpleasant facts of life?


Anonymous said...

What I hear is, "there isn't any such thing as Climate Change". "The weather is always changing". "We need jobs"! "It's the Easts fault we don't have any jobs while Quebec takes our equalization payments and squanders it." On and on it goes! Oh yes this one...."God will provide". Anyong

The Mound of Sound said...

Well that's certainly disappointing, TB. I find that those who might be called "politically engaged/aware" tend to be more concerned about climate change for a host of reasons from economic security to political stability. Others seem to pretend that we're still in the 80s and instead obsess about the great-grand babies they're expecting in the months ahead. Ignorance is bliss.

Lorne said...

Even a rather conservative friend of mine is expressing concern, Mound. And, thanks in part to you, I have pretty much decided to vote Green in the next federal election. I simply cannot vote for Trudeau a second time.

The Mound of Sound said...

I always find your remarks about the state of Alberta enlightening, Anyong. Thanks.

Trailblazer said...

I find that those who might be called "politically engaged/aware" tend to be more concerned about climate change for a host of reasons....

Politically aware people will always discuss and argue the state of the nation.
The general electorate are swayed in their decisions by cheap liquor, cheap gas and low taxes.

Most voters are not well informed.
The idea of 'democracy' is not very comforting.


Trailblazer said...

Nice to see the extinction rebellion take off.
Alas, and again, BC can only rally crowd for wacky tabacky!!
Shallow lot , are we not?


The Mound of Sound said...

Well, TB, we could always go down and get ourselves arrested for blocking the prime minister's Trans Mountain pipeline. As the Extinction Rebellion types have shown us that's today's Badge of Honour.

the salamander said...

.. its a very interesting question, Mound. I currently live in East York - midtown & have neighbors of course, but we don't hang together. There are old Greeks, and millenials and Muslim people in increasing numbers. Few of Asian or African heritage. Pretty decent folks in our immediate area. My family is scattered around this overpopulated metro sprawl, as are my oldest friends.. and I have many cousins out west, a few in Ottawa area. As 'dad' I made a brief speech at my son's wedding this year, as did the bride's dad & we both tried to focus on our respective families heritage.. ie where we sprung from, honor the various grandparents and elders present. So It was 'black Irish' gets to know 'Peruvian'. The bride and my son are both 'beachers' - both literally raised within 100' of Lake Ontario.. like 'on the beach'.. that BTW is Kinsella territory too.. and home to 'Nate' - Nathaniel Erskine-Smith.. a somewhat rebellious Liberal MP.. a classmate of my son.

As a result of your excellent question, I will probe carefully.. and note responses, try to organize any useful summary.. reflect them back at you within approx 2 weeks. There are a fair number of teachers & retired teachers in my immediate family.. and that's an interesting sector to probe re climate change & any concerns. My older friends who I hardly see anymore are mainly sixtyish.. Baby Boomers and mainly very successful. Many are now grandparents. I have mucho family out west, Calgary centred, but a number scattered in the BC interior. Thus there a lot of family.. and a lot of people I can probe.. to ask your question & reflect findings. I think it the perfect & timely question.

I start with myself today.. and will get back to you with a one paragraph response.. as I do have 'thoughts' and they may be unusual. Its a 'big picture' question. I suggest you refine it.. aim it like an arrow.. or boomerang (to get the answers back to you) If all of 'us' could feed you 25 responses.. you would have a lot of regional data... likely by people who give a shit.. or have a thought. I will likely see Nate at Day One of our local farmers market and will ask him to get back to me.. as well as our local MP who we have never met, also a Liberal.. and our other elected officials.. I can ask Doug Ford at the local parade.. Maybe I will refine my perception of the question.. shape it.. I have Facebook and Twitter, email and text.. to load it into as well.

In one sentance.. at 5:45 AM & no coffee, my answer is...

Climate Change baffles me.. its almost inconceivable to comprehend or accept its reality.. but I know the facts, the reality, will be alsolutely stunning, shocking, life changing.. so there is 'the boggle factor' to consider.. the mind blowing aspect. Its akin to interviewing people after they have been assaulted, or their house robbed, or receiving a fatal cancer diagnosis, being t-boned at an intersection. Disbelief.. 'how can this be???'

Anonymous said...

I live in Alberta, have done off and on for 71 years. The questions of Climate Change, and anything else not self-gratifying ... like a lunch at the Petroleum Club and comparing golf handicaps are now safely in the hands of Jason Kenney. What could possibly go wrong? After all, he's frugal right? Still lives in his Mom's basement?

I'll have a spicy Caesar and the lunch special please.

j a m e s