Friday, March 02, 2007

And Then What?

It's a scenario we've seen played out time and again over the last five years. Some US official shows up in Pakistan complaining loudly about Islamabad's failure to crack down on al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Then, within a day or two, Pakistan announces the arrest of one or maybe two of the terrorists. But then what?

Just what does Pakistan do with the Taliban and al-Qaeda operatives it captures? Are they interrogated, Pakistani style? Are they charged with some sort of crime and, if so, what? Do they stand trial? Do they go to prison? Or, are they detained for a while and then set free out the back door?

It's been pretty well established that: 1) Musharraf holds power at the suffrance of Islamists; 2) his military intelligence service is both powerful and continues to support the Taliban; 3) Pakistan always seems to be dragging its heels on capturing the bad guys; and 4) Pakistan continues to allow the Taliban and al-Qaeda to operate pretty freely in Waziristan.

With this track record, I'd really love to know just what Mushy does with these guys once the cameras are turned off.

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