Monday, March 05, 2007

Should NATO Demand American Restraint?

Let's see:

1. We're in Afghanistan because another bunch of foreigners, al-Qaeda, used the place to train and prepare for the attacks of 9/11. America was attacked and NATO responded.

2. We're still in Afghanistan almost six years later because the country we're supporting under the NATO charter chose to go off on a lark of its own in another country, Iraq.

3 We're still in Afghanistan because the bulk of the ground forces the US has deployed in the region are stuck in Iraq and can't be sent to Afghanistan.

4. Now, America is toying with the idea of taking on another Muslim state, Iran.

5. An American attack on Iran could unite the Muslim people, within Iran and throughout the rest of the world of Islam, whether Shia or Sunni, and bring them to see our efforts as part of a genuine crusade against Islam.

6. NATO forces in Afghanistan are stuck smack in the midst of the Muslim world, surrounded by worrisome countries like Pakistan and - oh my, Iran.
We already have an unmanageable front to our south and east, the border with Pakistan. American airstrikes on Iran would open another front, this time to the west.
Now, our forces on "the mission" are already overstretched. What lies in store for them if the White House brings a new bunch of problems in from the west, from Iran?
I think our leaders, Harpo included, need to demand unequivocal assurances from the Bush regime that it won't attack Iran so long as our own people are in harm's way in neighbouring Afghanistan. We're already paying the price for their Iraq adventure. We don't need to fight Iranians also.

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