Saturday, March 03, 2007

Clean Up Call for the Tar Sands

A Commons committee has urged the government to force a substantial reduction in emissions by the oil companies operating in the Athabasca Tar Sands. From the Toronto Star:

"The regulations should also ensure that future oil sands expansion is done in a way that does not "jeopardize" Canada's obligations under the Kyoto climate change accord, says the yet-to-be released report of the natural resources committee, obtained by the Star.

"'The mounting environmental and social costs associated with oil sands activities ... make it increasingly clear that it would be irresponsible to continue on a `business-as-usual' course. It is time to being the transition toward a clean energy future,' says the report, dated Feb. 28 and marked "Confidential."

"The report says by harnessing new technologies, such as pumping carbon dioxide underground, and by buying credits from companies that have already reduced their emissions more than required, the oil sands could have net emissions of zero within the next 12 years.

"The report was to have been tabled in the Commons this week, but was delayed.

"Because MPs yesterday began a two-week break, the report now is at risk of not being tabled until after the Tories have announced emission-reduction targets for the largest industrial polluters, which include the oil sands."

The recommendations won't go down well with Harpo who wants to avoid significant GHG emission reductions by opting for the ruse known as "intensity-based" targets. Once again aping his mentor, George Bush, Harpo is content to keep rolling the dice even though they're loaded against the country and the planet.

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