Monday, March 05, 2007

Our Trigger-Happy Partner

They have to do better than this or we have no business fighting alongside them.

The US Army is blaming purported insurgents for its actions in calling in an airstrike with two, 2,000 lb. Mk. 84 bombs on a house that left five adult civilians and four children dead. It was the insurgents that made them do it, right?

These murderous buggers better realize that they can't claim it was the insurgents, real or imagined, that made them call down two, massive aerial bombs on a house. No, that decision, and the death of the innocents that inevitably resulted from it, lies directly with the American forces who called in the airstrike.

This was nothing short of butchery. The fact is they didn't give a damn how many people they killed, insurgents or innocents, in that airstrike. Those lives meant nothing, absolutely nothing, to those involved in these homicides. These people do not deserve our support, much less the sacrifice of the lives of our own soldiers. If they want to slaughter civilians, they don't need our help.

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Manuel said...

I've given up on that area of the world for now, because it's either the states have killed people, us(canada) or sunni killing shi'ite and vice versa, theirs no helping it all from what it seems, unless they simply get bored of killing eachother, I believe it's an important cause but I don't think it can be won unless something so drastic happens that it changes the mindset of the entire middle east and western world