Friday, December 05, 2008

You Will Know Them By the Company They Keep

If these two think its okay to shut down unruly, uncompliant democratic legislatures

They're in good company. So did these "leaders"

h/t Section 15 and Rabble


Anonymous said...

You just shot yourself in the head with these comparisons. You may not like Harper but he's no Hitler and it's an insult to those who survived.

You say you roll back the tide of extremism? You just rode the wave.


Anonymous said...

It's very distasteful to compare Harper to that bunch, it doesn't really surprise me that you would sink that low but hey ..

To compare Michaƫlle Jean to that group borders on retarded. You give lefty wingnuts a bad name.

The Mound of Sound said...

Okay, my friends. Find me some nice leaders who've suspended their uncompliant legislatures and I'll happily post their pictures too. Just leave their names in the comment section and I'll get right on it.

The Mound of Sound said...

And just for the record, we are talking about the same guy aren't we? The one who gagged the armed services and the public service and put his PMO commissars in charge of filtering their contacts with the people of Canada and their media, right? Your indignation might prove less persuasive once this guy got a majority.

The Mound of Sound said...

And while we're playing "compare and contrast" isn't it curious that so many on this list were also adept at conning their citizenry into believing their unruly, elected representatives were traitors, coup plotters and unpatriotic, antidemocratic malcontents?

Now, should I put that in the "compare" or the "contrast" list?

Anonymous said...

To Helmut and Trevor post 3:38 pm
3:46 pm.

I'm with you guys on this one.Comparing Mr.Harper to the guys on those pictures only idiots,morons and the stupid would make such a comparison.It says a lot to the ones who make such comparison.They have no idea what life was under some of those leaders. But hey I digress.

Dennis Hollingsworth said...

Way to go Mound … how brilliantly bang-on … you have so appropriately and precisely characterized banana republic Harper for the serious Fraud that he is … !!!

Helmut, Trevor and Rights lame objections are pathetic … they are clearly the idiots & morons here for thinking Steve and his crew of thugs can actually escape their self induced fiasco perpetrated on Canadian democracy, without having to face lethal consequence.