Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Attention Liberals - This Remind You of Anyone?

Know anybody with these symptoms?

- a tendency to see the world in binary good/evil terms
- low tolerance for diplomacy
- readiness to use military force
- emphasis on unilateral action
- disdain for multilateral organisations
- focus on the Middle East

It's like one of those "you know you're a redneck if" jokes except that, according to the BBC, those are the hallmark traits of neoconservatism.

C'mon you Liberals, does that sound like anybody you know? "You know you're a neo-con if..." Be honest.

Your classic neo-cons were actually disillusioned liberals, libs who sort of lost their way and began hallucinating that conquering Iraq would be a dandy idea or that enhanced interrogation techniques were simply grand.

They also believe that Israel has a full and unfettered right to "self-defence" in Gaza and that any and all deaths and suffering Israel sees fit to inflict on the Palestinians there - why that's entirely the fault of Hamas. Israel is blameless.

C'mon people you have to wake up. This guy who, according to the National Stain, is every bit as authoritarian as that control freak, Harper, and who has gagged caucus on the Gaza debacle - is about as liberal as Paul Wolfowitz.



Anonymous said...

Watch this! I just came upon it.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks Gene. It was so important that I put in in a post. See above.


Strange how the blogosphere works, isn't it?