Friday, April 24, 2009

All in Good Fun?

It's become a popular cartoon in Israel - Ahmed and Salim. The South Park-style characters spend their days playing computer games and posting rude messages on Facebook. In the afternoons, however the Arab brothers always find time to bomb buses, gun down Israeli girls and incinerate cafes.

What is this, Rin & Stimpy Wage Jihad?

Since posting this I checked out a couple of other episodes of this on YouTube. They really are pretty racist and are definitely designed to dehumanize Arabs.


LeDaro said...

Israelis kill Arabs routinely. Is this not a milder form of their actions towards Arabs? How can Iggy and Harper support such a rogue state?

Fish said...

Please tell me this is some form of satire, gone wrong! I've heard that sometimes artists/comedians reduce issues to their most ridiculous forms to make a statement, like when South Park characters sang about bombing Canada. I once heard one of South Park's creators say in an interview that the idea was to ridicule war.

Funny in the Canada/U.S. context. Not funny when people are actually suffering and dying.

The Mound of Sound said...

Check out a few of these cartoons on YouTube, Fish, and decide for yourself the context. Believe me, this one is really mild. There are plenty of them posted so you won't have trouble making up your own mind.