Wednesday, April 08, 2009

American Sailors Overcome Somali Pirates

The Times reports that American crewmen of that shanghaied freighter overwhelmed their captors and recovered control of the ship.

An American crew has seized back control of a container ship that was commandeered by pirates in the Indian Ocean today, according to the Pentagon.

The military official said the crew was holding one pirate in custody while the others were reported to “be in the water”. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, would not confirm how the Somalis found their way into the ocean.

Somali pirates hijacked the US-flagged container ship off the Horn of Africa, the first such attack on American interests.


Fish said...

Was Steven Segal on this ship by any chance?

penlan said...

No, Fish, it was Van Damme.

Well they sure took care of that quick enoguh.

Comrade One said...

Add Chuck Norris and Sly Stallone, and we have the dream team.

My first inclination was Segal and Norris, but someone beat me to the punch.