Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stephen Harper - Author, Economist, Lecturer Extraordinaire

That's how Furious Leader Steve lists his occupation on the Parliament of Canada web site. Author, Economist, Lecturer.

Now I've always understood that one's occupation was directly, even intimately related to how one earns his/her income. To channel George w. Bush, your occupation is what you do to put food on your family.

Well I was curious about Steve's authorship so I took a look at and, surprise, surprise there is a Stephen Harper listed and he is indeed a prolific author. Here are some of the titles of recent works by Stephen Harper:

The Quest for the Wicker Man, Historical Folklore and Pagan Perspectives; Insanity, Individuals and Society in Late Medieval English Literature - The Subject of Madness; Capturing Enigma - How HMS Petard Seized the German Naval Codes; Ek Was Dar; White Christmas in Saigon; and everybody's all time favourite - Miracle of Deliverance - The Case For The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Wow, that's a lot of books but the focus on madness, pagan folklore, espionage and nuclear holocaust is just a tad creepy, no?

I've looked through several biographies and haven't found much on Steve's sterling career as an economist. Presumably if his talents as an economist were every bit as good as his abject failure to see this freight train of a recession barreling down the track, he probably wouldn't have lasted very long. He did drop out of University of Toronto after two months and went from there straight into the mail room at Imperial Oil in Edmonton but he studied economics at the University of Calgary (Chicago North) well after that.

As for lecturer, Wiki has a notation that Harper has been an occassional guest lecturer at his alma mater, University of Calgary but that doesn't sound like much of an 'occupation.'

What am I missing here? Where does the 'author, economist, lecturer' business come from?


penlan said...

Nothing is true about this man - other than his pure hatred for democracy & the Liberal party.

Canajun said...

He's writing a book on hockey, dontcha know? He's just finishing up a few chapters: How the Liberals Let the Quebec Nordiques Slip Away; Why the Liberals Hated the Winnipeg Jets; The Toronto Maple Leafs Will Never Win Under a Liberal Majority; and Helmets - a Liberal Plot to Turn Canadian Kids into Wimps and Pussies.

Constant Vigilance said...

He isn't a complete Toom Tabard. He will get around to writing that book about the history of hockey after he figures out the blue line rules. This will be the ultimate proof that he is a man of the people.

The Mound of Sound said...

C'mon people. Do you mean to tell me this 'occupation' thing is a total scam? Are you deliberately trying to shatter my confidence and trust in SJH-PM?

penlan said...