Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steve's Cheatin' Heart

Stephen Harper has a Nixonesque regard for rules - if he doesn't make them, they don't matter .

That point is driven home in Elizabeth May's book, Losing Confidence. From the Toronto Star:

Elizabeth May felt like a schoolgirl when she glanced over at the powerful man sitting beside her and noticed he had broken the rules.

The Green party leader had fought hard to be included in the national televised debates during the campaign for last October's election, and remembers participants were told they would be provided with blank index cards for taking notes, but they were forbidden to bring their own background material.

"Stephen Harper's staff took care to print out background notes on index cards, but they picked the wrong-sized cards. And no one writes in printer font. Looking over from my seat, I remember the shock of realizing he was cheating," May writes in her new book. "I felt like I was back in grade school. Do you 'tattle' on a cheater? Now, all I can think is 'What were his staff thinking?' It is clear they thought he wouldn't be caught."

Steve, cheating on a debate? Looking the Canadian people straight in the eye and gaming hell out of them?



Greg Fingas said...

Stephen Harper has a Nixonesque regard for rules - if he doesn't make them, they don't matter.Now that hardly seems fair: Harper is just as likely to disregard rules which he's made himself. (See e.g. fixed election dates.)

Big Winnie said...

Certainly explains why he didn't lookat his opponents during the debate.

Is it surprising he did this? Not at all.

penlan said...

May talked about this right after the election but no one seemed to pick up on it.

It's no surprise that Harper cheats - he does it all the time.

The Mound of Sound said...

It'd be great if someone could scrutinize the debate video to see if it's possible to get any close ups of Steve's cards.

Thie guy is totally cheesy. Too bad Elizabeth May didn't have the sense to call him on it right in the course of the broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that action on the part of the PM sickning!!! A. Morris