Saturday, April 25, 2009

Election Scandal Hits BC Libs

Two scandals have given the British Columbia NDP a chance to get their own back. Turns out our Solicitor General likes to speed - a lot - but isn't so keen on paying his fines. He's had to forfeit his driver's licence.

"He has to go," said Mike Farnworth.
"He is the province's top cop - the minister responsible for road safety and the enforcement of the traffic code. It is unacceptable. He has lost all credibility."

And then there's Mission candidate Marc Dalton and the matter of an e-mail he sent a decade ago that seems to equate homosexuality with pornography.

In an interview, he said his views have changed over the years and that, in any event, he would not impose his views on the public should he be elected an MLA.

"Yes. I have changed. Why? I have gotten older. I've become more open minded. That's where I am as life progresses," he said. "I've changed in the sense of tolerance."

Unlike NDP leader Carol James who pretty much dumped Ray Lam cold after two embarrassing photos came out on Facebook, Premier Gordo Campbell - very much a sinner himself - has decided he'll stand by his man, er men.

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