Friday, April 24, 2009

Somebody Please - Conduct a Poll So Harper Knows What to Do on Khadr

The Harpies have been up and down like a toilet seat at a frat house party over whether they'll appeal a Federal Court directive that they get off their swollen backsides and stand up for Omar Khadr, the Canadian child soldier abused by his American captors at Guantanimo.

Yesterday, Foreign Affairs min Cannon told the Commons the Harpies wouldn't be pushed around by any damned judge or any damned laws or even what is just plain right and would appeal the ruling. Then they said they might not, then they would, then maybe not. Naturally nobody thought to flush.

Late yesterday, CBC News got the word from Cannon's office that the appeal was definitely "on." Today CBC News got the word from the office of the Exalted Furious Leader that his minions will be "reviewing the decision" and then deciding whether to appeal.

Can't somebody simply conduct a poll so these buttheads can figure out what to do?

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