Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Global Warming Theory Disproved - RealClimate.Org Shuts Down

I'm just too upset to comment so I'll simply post the latest from their website:

We would like to apologize to our loyal readers who have provided us so much support since we first went online in December 2004. However, after listening to the compelling arguments of the distinguished speakers who participated in the Heartland Institute's recent global warming contrarian conference, we have decided that the science is settled — in favor of the contrarians. Indeed, even IPCC chair Rajendra Pachauri has now admitted that anthropogenic climate change was a massive hoax after all. Accordingly, RealClimate no longer has a reason for existence. The contrarians have made a convincing case that (a) global warming isn't happening, (b) even if it is, its entirely natural and within the bounds of natural variability, (c) well, even if its not natural, it is modest in nature and not a threat, (d) even if anthropogenic warming should turn out to be pronounced as projected, it will sure be good for us, leading to abundant crops and a healthy environment, and (e) well, it might actually be really bad, but hey, its unstoppable anyway. (Can we get our check now?)


Anonymous said...

April's Fools????

LeDaro said...

All the comments on the say it is April Fool's thing. MoS, it looks that may be the case.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes LD, it's definitely a joke