Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best Browser? IE8, Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome?

Anyone who's read my blog knows all too well that I'm not 'up' on technology these days. I've been thinking about all the browsers that seem to be out today, including the latest Internet Explorer 8. Is there one of these that's head and shoulders over the others? Does the operating system make any difference (I'm Vista 64X).

Please let me know what you prefer and why.



Anonymous said...

Chrome's the fastest, hands down, and it runs a majority of plugins.

Firefox is what I use (not simply because I'm currently using Ubuntu) but because it's got the plugins that I like and use (Scribefire and AdBlock), which the other browsers have nothing comparable.

I don't touch IE unless I have to. When compared to the other browsers, in terms of speed, it's simply the slowest. It's got a lot of features, but they make it even slower.

Tried Opera and Netscape but they're about the same speed as Firefox.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for the info, Troy. I didn't realize Netscape was still around. I thought they vanished years back.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Firefox, but on 64 bit Vista you are better off with IE. I was using IE 7, just upgraded to IE 8, no problems so far.

A few Firefox plugins on Vista 64 bit don't function that well, the hardest one to get working was the Java Virtual Machine. Also occasionally I'll hit a site that locks up FireFox, so I try it in IE.

Have not tried Chrome. Maybe some day.