Friday, April 24, 2009

In Canada, Britain's Prime Minister Could Be a Dead Man

British PM Gordon Brown had better keep his temper on his own side of the Atlantic. Over here, we kill men for less. From The Guardian:

The strain shows, say current and former Brown aides: among other things, it has inflamed a temper that has always been the subject of gallows humour among those who work with him.

The prime minister, 58, has hurled pens and even a stapler at aides, according to one; he also says he once saw the leader of Britain's 61 million people shove a laser printer off a desk in a rage.

Another aide was warned to watch out for "flying Nokias" when he joined Brown's team.

Pens and a staper, even cell phones? In Canada this guy would be dead meat. He'd be Tasered straight into the Afterlife or, as it's known at "A" Division headquarters, given "The Full Mountie."

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