Thursday, January 15, 2015

World Economic Forum Sees Eco-War as Greatest Threat to Global Stability

A report from the World Economic Forum sees inter-state war as the top threat to global stability in the decade ahead and water as the main factor that will trigger these wars.  The second greatest threat to global stability, according to the WEF, is severe weather events or, as some might call it, early-onset climate change impacts.

Among the above-average impact risks listed are the global water crisis, spread of infectious diseases, failure of climate change adaptation, fiscal crises, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse.


greg said...

I have heard nothing but negative about F-35, mainly information from you and your hard work. Is this the general feeling amoung insiders. I mean is this just one shitty design and they have been trying to fix for ten years with software. (sorry if this is repeat. Having issues)

The Mound of Sound said...

This is a bit off-topic, Greg, but I think there's a powerful "too big to fail" factor in the development and sale of the F-35. There's a clear sense of trying to "make the best of a less than ideal situation" in the tone of those closest to the programme. It's a huge gamble for the West because, if it's a dog as its critics contend, we'll all be stuck with it for decades to come in a period of global transition and elevated tensions. That's a bad confluence of events.