Sunday, April 23, 2017

All the Money in the World. No Class. None, Zero, Nada.

Why can't Donald Trump just hire somebody to keep his foot out of his damned mouth? Why does he have to constantly remind us that he's someone you wouldn't have to dinner or, for that matter, leave unattended in a room with your daughter.

I watched a clip of the Cheeto Benito, his wife in tow, visiting a military hospital in Washington. There, on a stage, was Trump, some wounded veteran in a wheelchair, and Melania. Trump was there to present the vet with America's Purple Heart.

Trump strolled over toward the soldier and announced that he was, on behalf of the president (that would be him) and Melania, extending their congratulations on winning the Purple Heart.

Imagine, getting struck by shrapnel or catching a bullet, maybe even a ricochet, and then getting congratulated for winning as though you've just hit the winning homerun. Only the stage prop didn't hit a homerun. He lost a leg.

Afterward Trump got in close to the vet for the photo op. I suppose he hasn't mastered the selfie.

That's how this deviant's mind works. Soldiers receive the Purple Heart for only one thing, being wounded. It's an expression of respect and gratitude for presumed sacrifice, not the triumph of being pierced by flying metal objects.

Now you would think the Commander in Chief would make the effort to understand the meaning of something as historic as the Purple Heart just to show a trace of respect for the soldiers who receive it. Not the Great Orange Bloat. Not the guy who scored deferment upon deferment to keep his own ass Purple Heart free when other men his age went to serve in Vietnam.


Owen Gray said...

All ego and no brains, Mound.

Anonymous said...

Trump's just jealous. He's always wanted to get the Purple Heart.


Anonymous said...

Class, DL? Or grace?

Money buys neither. And they can't take it with 'em.

Something about 'a camel and the eye of a needle'...

Listen up 'so-called rich' people, listen up.

Anonymous said...

Why don't people stop giving tRump free publicity.

Every line of type you offer is feed for his minions

From now on, just adress the has tags that matter - #foxFakeNews #breitbartrumpbiglyfail. #trump=fakenews

rww said...
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rww said...

I would have thought Trump would not like soldiers who get injured just like he doesn't like soldiers who get captured.

(correction of original post)

John B. said...

The Mother of all Attaboys: "On behalf of Melania and myself and the entire nation ..."

Hardly an appropriate "Melania and myself" moment, I think.

Even more tactless than the tawdry performances by our current PM and his immediate predecessor in dragging their wives along for the show when placing wreaths at the National War Memorial on 11 Nov while Johnston bobs around in his costume and looks up at the airplane.