Friday, April 21, 2017

Jeebus! A Couple of Weeks Ago They Were All At the Beach.

Back in March the Brit papers were all proclaiming "heatwave." Plenty of photos of Brits flocking to the beaches for a bit of early sunbathing.

Now, a month later, one month closer to summer, they're bracing for freezing gales out of the Arctic. Even Coventry is expecting snow.

And that, kids, is what they call "global weirding," what you get when stuff doesn't happen when it should or, for that matter, when it shouldn't.

I spoke with my brother a week or so back. He lives near Port Dover/Simcoe. On Thursday they had snowplows clearing the roads. That Sunday the temps were in the 70s. Global weirding, that's it.

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