Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Putting Equal Pay Day In a New Light

Equal for whom, when?

Tuesday will be Equal Pay Day. On a global basis, it's the day on which the average woman has to work to equal the pay the average guy earned over the previous year. In other words, it takes an extra three months, two weeks or fifteen months and a bit for the average woman to earn what the average man earned in just twelve months.

However not all women are average and certainly not if they're black or brown. The American numbers tell a much different tale.
The official Equal Pay Day statistics are based on 2015 census data. But Mic updated those figures using Bureau of Labor Statistics figures on median weekly earnings for full-time workers in 2016. Using those numbers, the actual Equal Pay Day for U.S. women of all races would technically be March 22.

If you're a white woman, your equal pay day already came and went: You'd "only" have to work until March 12 — plus all of 2016 — to earn the same as a man did in 2016 alone.

Black women in the United States, on the other hand, wouldn't have their equal pay day until June 5. And if you're a Hispanic or Latina woman, you're going to have to wait until July 25 for your equal pay day.

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Anonymous said...

Women will never be equal.

That is until they can walk down the road with a beer belly, bald head and the crotch of their pants by their knees ; and still think they are sexy!!


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