Friday, April 14, 2017

Meanwhile in Other News From the Slave States

I can't summarize this. You're going to have to read it for yourself.

What's on offer? A North Carolina Republican who compares Lincoln to Hitler. North Carolina, the State that forgot who lost the Civil War, declares the US Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage "null and void" within the precincts of the Tar Heel State. Yeah, right.

Next up is South Dakota where shoving catheters up suspects' dicks is all the rage.

Tell me again that normalizing torture overseas doesn't have a corrosive effect at home. They put a bag over a guy's head and stick a tube up his dick. How is this not torture?

A three-year-old, forced against his will into a painful medical procedure so as to gather evidence against his mother's boyfriend? There are too goddamn many places in this country where the Constitution doesn't reach because the people who swear to uphold it don't give a damn about it.

Then there's that beacon of enlightenment, Oklahoma, where a gang of white men have decided to prohibit abortion even for severe birth defects and with no exceptions for health of the mother, rape or incest. The explanation? "Well, it's an act of sin. We live in a sinful world. Men and women do horrible things, but God can bring beauty out of ashes."

Esquire's Charlie Pierce sums it up this way:

These really are the fcking mole people.
This is your democracy, America. Cherish it.


Anonymous said...

Just to keep the blood pressure up..

A wonderful country the USA.

God bless you!


the salamander said...

.. ah Mound.. you left out the recently but now former Governor of Alabama !

Now his stroke of genius as an upstanding christian & American
was failure to realize his cel phone was sync'd not just to his libido
but to his iPad.. which he had generously let his wife use...
The dalliance with his Congressional Aide.. and related texts
were faithfully transmitted immediately to his wife..
I have no idea if he has or had children.. with modern cel tech !

The 'mole people' ? Charlie Pierce awards them far to much credit
when they are mastadons.. or cristaceans.. crustaceans?
I find it hard to use other species in the same sentence
as these losers, frauds, fakers, liars, cheaters
Pig is unkind to pigs, it seems better to refer to them as parasites or blights..

Meanwhile the DonaHawk & airblast bomber Drumph
who somehow climbed the great manure pile of the GOP
is golfing on Americans dime.. tweeting his ass off
and before he departs this earth... with nothing..
ie none of his $$, golf courses, children, investments..

Is attempting to destroy environment, species on the planet, breathable air
clean fresh water, the atmosphere, saltwater, democracy, honesty
and any shreds of decency or reality in the US of A

He has plenty of help .. especially the witless mainstream media ..
It must be a bitch.. with so many Secret Service following in golf carts
to cheat on his golf score, take mulligans or use his foot mashie
or just throw the ball.. at the hole

Owen Gray said...

North Carolina has always been a state unto itself, Mound.

Anonymous said...

This was an entertaining read, even if on Holy Saturday.
Happy Easter!