Tuesday, April 04, 2017

If Hillary was President, Trump Would be Blaming Her for This

Just days after DJ Trump announced that America was taking Bashar Assad off the hook, that regime change was no longer a matter of Washington's concern, Syrian government jets launched a chemical weapons attack against civilians in rebel-held Idlib province.

Rescuers and medics report the gas killed dozens of civilians, many of them children, and sickened scores of others.

A few hours later, according to several witnesses, another airstrike hit one of the clinics treating victims, who had been farmed out to smaller hospitals and maternity wards because the area's largest hospital had been severely damaged by an airstrike two days earlier.

It was the first major atrocity attributed to the Syrian government since President Donald Trump took office. Only on Friday, administration officials stressed that ousting Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, is no longer a priority, and that Washington's main goal is to fight the Islamic State group.

On Tuesday, the White House blamed the Syrian government for the attack, which it called a "reprehensible" act "that cannot be ignored by the civilised world", but also lashed out at the former Obama administration.


Anonymous said...

Syrian jets delivered gas attacks!

A dodgy claim at best!
Gas is usually delivered by small aircraft including helicopters or shells from artillery.

Not convinced.


The Mound of Sound said...

Gas can be delivered in many ways - by artillery shells, by rockets and by bombs. I'm aware of no reason it cannot be delivered in contested areas by strike fighter where the target is out of reach of artillery and too dangerous for helicopters.

Anonymous said...

We were told that Assad gassed his own people four years ago because he knew that a weak appeaser president wouldn't enforce his own "red line." But now that there's a tough alpha-male president and the White House is back to being white, Assad would never again dare to gas his people. Oh, and N. Korea would put away those nukes and missiles, and sing kumbaya with S. Korea. Yup, it's all working according to plan and I feel safer already.