Monday, April 10, 2017

I'm Sure He's Packing His Bags Right Now

Don't push your luck, Bashar al Assad. Justin Trudeau has said there's no place for you any longer in Syria.

Now Assad, and this goes for you too Putin, you're risking the fearsome wrath of Justin on this one. Why Justin says he's even open to upping Canadian sanctions against Russia.

"I think Russia needs to be made aware of its responsibility in the bloody actions last week by the Assad regime," Trudeau said at the end of his trip to France marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

"And therefore, we are always open to working with our friends, allies and partners to send messages through sanctions and other means to Russia."

If Justin keeps this up there might just be a round of golf at Mar a Lago coming his way. 


Anonymous said...

"We're making our assessments," [British Defence Secretary] Fallon told CBC News in an interview. "We think it is highly likely that these chemical weapons — almost without a doubt now — that these chemical weapons were used by the [Assad] regime, and we can be sure of how this was done."

"Highly likely..." "almost without a doubt now..." - now that sounds like a reassuring basis on which to launch an unlawful missile strike. How long before we get some memo from Downing Street in which Mr. Fallon says it was clear that Trump had "made up his mind" to take military action but that "the case was thin"?

Justin should have learned by now not to trust the US and their British poodles on stuff like this.


Gyor said...

The sad thing is Justin Trudeau first statement was actually the responsible one, then Trump started blowing stuff up and he flipped (I'm going to start calling that the Trudeau) and backed Trump to the hilt, despite no investigation proving Syria was actually behind it (Syria denied responsibility) and no international support, it was an action taken unilaterally that killed people on a snap decision by Trump to distract people from his crap, exploiting those poor murdered children in the process.

There should have been an investigation, then once that had occurred, action taken.

And Trump got away with it, so now he knows he has no reason to even bother consulting allies, or gathering facts, or anything, or seek congressional approval or anything, it's the ultimate licence to kill, IN THE HANDS OF DONALD TRUMP.

Gyor said...
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The Mound of Sound said...

Gyor, you would enjoy Max Boot's take over at Foreign Policy that he labels the Trump Doctrine and provides that America reserves the right to use military force whenever Donald J. Trump sees something he finds upsetting on CNN. I'm not sure our guy is much better.

Anonymous said...

This is a realistic request.

Just as with Iraq's WMD , deep bunkers under Saddam's palace Tora Bora and the like ; I fear we are , once again, been lead down the garden path to inflating the stock value of Lockheed Martin and British Aerospace.

As was noted on another thread; Justin Trudeau is becoming another Tony Blair and cannot be either trusted or relied upon.

The stealth of the F35 aircraft may well be fiction but so are the choices we have ,in Canada, of political change to something that is truly