Friday, April 21, 2017

Just Because They're Hopelessly Corrupt That Doesn't Make Them Real Liberals

We've got an election campaign underway out here on the Left Coast and John Horgan's New Democrats are in hot pursuit of Christy Clark's B.C. Liberal government.

Something about Horgan seems to have crawled up the ass of the guy I think of as the Liberal Loudmouth. He does not like the cut of Horgan's jib and he's racing to the defence of Christy Clark. Perhaps he imagines Crusty as a Liberal. It says as much right on the party's letterhead yet there are damned few B.C. Liberals who harbour any instincts remotely liberal. No, in every way and every day, they show that their roots are deeply conservative.

Now you would have thought that LL, being steeped in all things Liberal, would have realized there is no liberal party in British Columbia. And, besides, just because you're utterly corrupt, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're Liberal although I can understand the confusion.

I'll not defend Horgan for some unfortunate remark that somehow sent LL spinning. In this race I'm not backing either Clark or Horgan. I'm a Green living in the bastion of the Green Party, Vancouver Island. The Greens are polling quite well on the island something that inevitably pisses off the B.C. Libs and the NDP with their grinding crap about vote splitting.

So, just a heads up to all you out-of-province Liberals who may imagine that Christy Clark is one of you. Don't be fooled. Just because her government is mired in corruption, that doesn't make them real Liberals.


Anonymous said...

We know she's a LINO. Not sure why WK is noodling about and commenting from the centre of the universe.

The Mound of Sound said...

He sure is on a tear. Maybe there's a chance of picking up some lucre from the BCL campaign.

Ben Burd said...

Let's call a spade a spade Warren Kinsella is doing what he knows best - how to be obnoxious, thinking he knows all things lib and demonstrating that one again he thinks a dipper is the lowest thing on earth.

I think it's great that he has teed off on Horgan, Kinsella must realise that the NDP must be stopped as they are in a great place to win the election.

Must conclude that his charge of sexism is nuts. Just imagine if Horgan had touched Clark as she touched Horgan he would have been apoplectic.

The Mound of Sound said...

I tend to agree, Ben. Things seem to be looking up for the NDP which would also be good for democracy in my great province.

Gyor said...

It could be an NDP minority with a Green balance of power.

And yeah Warren is twisting Horgans words to smear the guy falsely so he sounds on a sex predator. Not Cool.

Anonymous said...

Steve Paikin recently wrote Ontario Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne is at 11% approval because she's a lesbian. Of course, 13 years of corruption, mismanagement, soaring electricity bills and the outrageous decision to privatize the electricity system have nothing to do with it.

I used to think he was one of the good guys. Fake news is like a plague. The fourth estate in North America is like a zombie apocalypse. (Probably just as bad in Western Europe: slimy establishment looters got their claws into everything.)

If you want to see how corrupt the establishment media is, just watch how they rush to the Ontario Liberal party's defense. The election is over a year away and they're already firing off the heavy artillery. From National Newswatch:

-CTV: Ontario takes politically smart, economically necessary action on housing
-TVO: Why is Kathleen Wynne so unpopular? It may not just be about policy
-Star: Kathleen Wynne is a lightning rod for her party’s sins
-Star: Ontario election all about jobs, jobs, jobs

The Mound of Sound said...

Honi soit qui mal y pense - motto of the Order of the Garter. Shame to him who thinks evil, now often stated as evil is he who evil thinks. I suppose that covers it, Gyor.

And, BTW, I could live very happily with a minority NDP backed by the Greens.

Anonymous said...

WK is buds with Miller who's running the Lib campaign. It's got nothing to do with party or feminism or any other idealistic bs.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for that insight, Willy. Makes sense.

deb said...

WK does seem to be shilling for the libs, he did this last BC election cycle too. The smear is irritating. But then I dont put to much stock in what he types anymore as the spindoctoring has taken over and is the main purpose of that site.
Any integrity he had is long gone. Shown by him sucking up to the harper-cons when he worked at sun news.

Anonymous said...
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Clarke said...

Warren Kinsella worked with Gordon Campbell, and if memory serves me correctly he also worked with Christy Clark's ex for one of Clark's earlier campaigns. Kinsella can be all over the map. There are a lot of conservatives he seems to love, and a lot of liberals he can't stand. If you think he is a full on progressive, ask him about Israel or climate change.