Saturday, April 15, 2017

Another One Gone - CanProg

Canadian Progressive Voices, aka CanProg, is gone. Lauralee and her partners concluded it was no longer economic to continue. There were a few important bloggers who had become CanProg affiliates. Hope they'll migrate over to ProgBlog.


Toby said...

Mound, check The Galloping Beaver.

Down the right side of his blog is an active list of other blogs. As I write this The Disaffected Lib is the fifth one down.

The Mound of Sound said...

I was there yesterday, Toby, to leave word for Boris that CanProg was gone for good. It's been over four months since anyone at TGB posted. I miss their stuff.

Toby said...

Me too.

the salamander said...

.. Really miss that site.. was a place I might visit 5 - 10 or more times daily
especially during the disgusting & bleak Harper years..
There's little mainstream that even comes close..
but then its the Indy bloggers that led the charge
and for sure Mainstream was paying attention to the Indys
who delivered the goods and were far more diverse
far more insightful.. and still are of course

Owen Gray said...

Sad news.

The Mound of Sound said...

I miss it too, Sal. There were bloggers there who had left ProgBlog for various reasons, particularly Galloping Beaver. I get this feeling that progressive blogging has fallen into a slump.

the salamander said...

.. Think some of the Indy's were 'fried' - overworked, unsupported
The spectre of Harper Inc stealing another 4 years frightening..

Trump represents Harper Inc on steroids as far as attacking the Environment
on behalf of Big Energy, Big Finance & partisan jackassery..
so to a great extent, North America dodged bullets via Harper's defeat
and got the Ugly American holding America, indeed the world, hostage

My hope is that Twitter will lasso Trump Inc..
Despite the limited length of tweets
the ability to link documents, reports, facts.. reality
is very encouraging.. Twitter is so easy to browse or reflect

But unless an asteroid catches the Presidential liar on the golf course
or the Russians tire of toying with his idiotic & useless bombast
we will only see shocking damage to the Environment..
Its already stunning - the duplicity of the demented freak.
It may take the entire 4 years to detach from this parasitic predator
and the rotten enablers supporting him

The Mound of Sound said...

Harper certainly energized an opposition and blogging was a great outlet for churning discontent and stiffening resolve to see him gone. Trudeau was supposed to be the "reward" for those years of effort. He certainly promised to be just that. The performance of JT and Dame Cathy at the Paris climate summit in December, 2015, made it appear that Canada was definitely emerging from the darkness. Then, one by one, the promises were betrayed. We saw what ruled with the Saudi Death Wagon deal. C-51 was not reined in. The tanker moratorium business? No, we'd have new pipelines instead and bitumen to tidewater, double speed. Electoral reform - changed my mind. All of that must have been hard, even for self-respecting Liberals, to countenance. The more Trudeau transformed himself into a Latter Day Harper, the more disinterested the once so-vocal Liberal bloggers became. They died on the vine.