Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The "Unspeakable" Donald Trump

Jean Chretien has come out swinging in his remarks about America's Mango Mussolini, Donald J. Trump.

Chretien unleashes that unflattering opinion of Trump in a new book of anecdotes from his 10 years as Canada’s prime minister.

Although it’s entitled “My Stories, My Times,” Chretien, who retired from politics in 2003 after winning three majority mandates, does not shy away from opining on current events — most notably on Trump. 
In the preface, Chretien says writing the book over the past year helped him recover his serenity when he got “tired of observing the surrealist vagaries of President Trump and of listening to his nonsense.” 
“It’s been very sad to observe the monumental error our neighbours to the south made in November 2016,” he writes in a later chapter, in which he recounts happy times he and his wife, Aline, have spent with former U.S. president Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, who was defeated by Trump.

“I fear that Hillary’s defeat, and the arrival of the fanatical Trump, mark the true end of the American Empire. You can understand why Aline and I are so happy to have the Clintons as friends, and almost as proud to be removed as far as possible from the unspeakable Donald Trump.”


Karl Kolchak said...

"You can understand why Aline and I are so happy to have the Clintons as friends..."

Wow--talk about two people with ZERO credibility. At this point, no self-respecting leftist in the U.S. would ever want ANY association with or proclaim ANY admiration for those two monumental grifters, one of who is a serial rapist.

Trump is NOT the cause of America's impending implosion--he's merely a symptom of it. On the other hand, probably no two other people in the U.S., save possibly Junior and Daddy Bush (a coke head and a serial groper of women), are as responsible for creating the political and economic conditions that led to Trump.

The Mound of Sound said...

Nice, Karl, except this isn't about the Clintons. This is about a Canadian prime minister of note and Donald Trump.

ffibs said...

I guess the old "dinosaur" didn't like Bush either. He does seem to have good taste

Northern PoV said...

"You can understand why Aline and I are so happy to have the Clintons as friends, "

well my friend Jean, we do miss you (or perhaps it's nostalgia for an past era?) ... but this statement is an example of just how f**ked we are.

The US is fighting over which group of thugs will rule the roost..

The polite thugs who echo your worries but plunge ahead on the path to ruin
The rude bullies who just say it like it is

In 2015 we had a similar joust in Canada and the polite thugs won.

(Site C and LNG means even the little ray of hope here in BC in 2017 was an illusion)