Friday, May 22, 2020

Covid-19. For Donald Trump It's Still All About Him.

The president of the United States is supposed to set an example for the American people.  Apparently Trump didn't get that memo. He probably just didn't read it.

Trump sparked a controversy when he recently toured a Ford plant in Michigan that is now manufacturing ventilators, masks and other medical gear.  Wearing face masks is mandatory in the plant but Trump made a point of strolling around without one. That led Michigan's attorney-general to call Trump a "petulant child."

Trump responded by releasing photos showing him wearing a lovely navy blue mask emblazoned with the presidential seal. His explanation is that he didn't want to wear a mask when the press were around because he didn't want to give them "the pleasure of seeing it."

In other words, the Cheeto Benito, didn't want to appear in the media wearing a protective mask. He wanted the public to see him proud and defiant. His base, the clowns with the protest signs and assault rifles, expect nothing less.  He doesn't wear a mask, they shouldn't have to wear masks either.


Anonymous said...

Trump also used the FoMoCo visit to dog whistle to his Nazi base. In his speech he remarked that the company's founder had "good bloodlines." Henry Ford was, of course, a virulent anti-semite and an inspiration to Hitler. Indeed, Ford is the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf and was the recipient of Nazi Germany's highest honour for foreigners.

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The Disaffected Lib said...

Hey, Cap. Yes, I'm familiar with Ford's anti-semitism and his flirtations with the Fuhrer. Trump would try to emulate that sort of thing. Many Americans have trouble recognizing the rich scope of Trump's bigotry.

It's interesting that the Ford Foundation doesn't shy away from Ford's anti semitism. I also managed to find archives of Ford's Dearborn Independent online.