Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Trump Shows Up, Workers Greet Him With Music.

Donald Trump and his entourage put in an appearance yesterday at a Honeywell plant in Arizona where N95 medical masks are being produced.

Team Trump decided they weren't going to wear masks as they circulated among the employees. Then this happened:

As Trump toured the factory, which is producing N95 masks for the federal government, he and other officials wore safety glasses but did not wear masks. In a clip from Reuters, at one point on the tour, workers blasted Guns N’ Roses’ cover of the James Bond theme song from Wings, “Live and Let Die.” As Trump spoke to a worker that was wearing a mask, he could barely be heard over the din as he asked how many masks were made in a day and the worker’s response is hard to discern. Afterward, Trump gave a thumbs up to the camera. A sign in the factory stated that masks were required in the factory, per CNBC.


Anonymous said...

As the saying goes, "my mask protects you, your mask protects me." Proof once again that Trump's only interested in me, me, me, me.


The Disaffected Lib said...

Krugman has an interesting op-ed on the brain disease that passes for the Republican Party today. Trump, he argues (as many others have), is not the rot but simply the culmination of a process:

"Trump’s narcissism and solipsism are especially blatant, even flamboyant. But he isn’t an outlier; he’s more a culmination of the American right’s long-term trend toward intellectual degradation. And that degradation, more than Trump’s character, is what is leading to vast numbers of unnecessary deaths."