Sunday, May 17, 2020

Forget about the "N' Word. It's the "J" Word Now.

America's racist whites, a.k.a.. Trump's 'base', have a wonderful new code word, "Jogger."
White supremacists have a new code for the n-word. It’s “jogger” — a direct reference to the death of Ahmaud Arbery, the young black man who was shot dead in February while he was running in a suburban neighborhood in Georgia. 
They’ve celebrated Arbery’s death in the worst places on the internet, and turned his killers — a retired cop and his son — into white supremacist folk heroes.
Over recent years, online extremists have been constructing a shared, private language that they use to dog-whistle in public, online arenas without having to worry about getting banned for hate speech. “Jogger” is just the latest example. 
These extremists often latch onto brutal, fueled crimes against people of color, lionizing their perpetrators in the hope that they might inspire future attacks. Hate-motivated mass shootings in Charleston, El Paso, and Pittsburgh, to name a few, have all lit up the far-right ecosphere and galvanized the movement. That same process is playing out around Arbery’s death, even though investigators are yet to come forward with a motive.

Do you realize what awaits all of us if we don't stand up to stop this?  These guys are the new septic field of democracy. In the name of human rights we gave them incredible freedom. What we never realized was that, rights granted, you always have to define the limits. If you don't it's anarchy fueled by some group's basest instincts.

I also want to speak briefly to those who say these armed-to-the-teeth lunatics has nothing to do with their liberties. Bullshit. If you make common kin with degenerates, you're joining forces, becoming them.  Just because you share a couple of grievances doesn't mean that you lose your obligations to society.  That means you still reject bigotry in all its facets.  You're either with the white supremacists or you're not and which of those holds true is how you should expect to be treated.

I'm not thinking of anything punitive, even custodial. This is about dealing with a dangerously growing social tumour. Maybe we should steer Canada in another direction - soon.


Anonymous said...

13 percent of the population in America is responsible for 50% of violent crime.

The Disaffected Lib said...

You're tossing out statistics to justify blatant, systemic racism. Go fuck yourself, asshole.

Trailblazer said...

Fuck them all, Keep them out , keep them out.
Until then take a break and enjoy this.


the salamander said...

.. I've scrapped 2 previous comment attempts re this post Mr Mound.. I need to think harder on it. The key word is 'tumour' .. your summation at the end of Ms Tess Owen's excellent Vice article is blunt, challenging.. totally correct. (and thanks for the link !)

Canada needs to steer an even more divergent path vs the USA.. and in regard to essentially EVERYTHING.. I believe we must reinvent, refresh, plough, plant.. EVERYTHING related to 'Governance' in Canada eh !. 'Politics' (whatever that is.. or thinks it is) is flailing & failing Canada and Canadians. It used to be so easy and comfortable to 'be Canadian'.. I do not believe its true anymore. It all flowed 'naturally'.. We could 'see the wind' .. just because we could.. or at least thought we could see it.. or mebbe the wind was just there & that was good enuff.. it was out in Saskatchewan.. or PEI.. or near Hudson Bay.. its was everywhere. But then somehow the music died.. and it became hard.

We need to earn.. we need to reclaim, we need to replant our 'MY NAME IS NOT JOE' sensibility.. I do not see how a 'tumour' can be allowed to pretend its the wind in our faces. This is Canada.. this is not Amerika .. This is Big Country.. not shriveldick rascist big gun loserville showing up via GOLFCART ONE on Fox TV

the salamander said...

.. PS .. i really like your brief comment Mound.. Made my day in fact..

Anonymous said...

Look up torontos most wanted. All men of colour.

Ps mound your beloved jolly old England has a Muslim rape gang problem.

Trailblazer said...


Just who are the most efficient killers?
And for what reason?