Saturday, September 12, 2020

Finally, In Open Court - Bill Barr is Corrupt. The Attorney General of the United States is Corrupt.

A shakeup in the Michael Flynn case. The retired judge, John Gleeson, appointed to advise the court pulls no punches. The Attorney-General's attempt to have the charges dismissed against Mike Flynn, charges to which Flynn already pleaded guilty and stands convicted, is an act of pure corruption.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that one really stinks but today brings another important Trump comment about the rule of law. Regarding the police shooting of Michael Reinoehl, wanted in connection with fatal shooting In Portland of Aaron Danielson, member of a right wing group, Trump stated “he (Reinoehl) was a violent criminal, the US Marshall’s killed him. That’s the way it has to be. There has to be retribution for this.” There is some dispute (as always) whether Reinoehl was armed at the time but it is clear that Trump sees absolutely no need for any kind trial, innocent till proven guilty concept. He killed one of “ours”, so take him out. Retribution! Frankly, I’m getting quite concerned about our next door neighbours and where they’re headed. Mac

the salamander said...

.. Kirschner is great.. So organized, compact & on point

However he does not point at the underlying (note 'lying' is part of that word) aspects of William Barr's fundamental ideology. In my view, Barr would have zero trouble arranging for smallpox infected blankets or 'fine people' shooting citizens if it favoured his religion and political leanings

But this is the environment of a litigious society and white supremacy and some sort of ludicrous Jesus fantasy.. and Bill Barr just represents a defence of parasites in the highest American political office AKA The White House. Its pretty bizarro to watch it unfold

Whether he is experienced or whatever is irrelevant in the context of fantasyland. Barr is in bed with Trump all the way. He's climbing Trump Tower without a net.. and 'hard rains are gonna fall'.. Trump is the hill Barr dies on.. Amen

I love that people are offering KellyAnne Conway zillions for book rights.. The shot of her on a couch with no shoes on in the Oval Office must be the cover !!

The Disaffected Lib said...

Mac, one would have to be insensate not to be deeply worried about the social breakdown in the United States and what that could bring to Canada. America has become a gaggle of feuding tribes. The white nationalists don't realize that it's not hard for Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, even Native Americans to organize their own militias and, if they do, those pudgy white boys who stroll through Wallmart with their assault rifles will be in trouble.

I guess the greatest concern is that the fabric of American society is already so rent that it is beyond electoral healing. It would take a lot of force for Washington to curb these groups - the Boogaloo Bois, the Klan, and others and the Republicans, in Congress and so many state legislatures would resist.

If you've been reading my blog you've probably come across posts bout the US in a "pre-revolutionary" state. Unfortunately when a society is as divided as America's that often emerges as a civil war.

The Disaffected Lib said...

Yes, Sal, Kirschner is an invaluable voice to explain the legal aspects of what is, after all, a criminal organization called the Trump administration.

It's been fascinating to watch Emmet Sullivan block Barr's attempts to pervert the law at every turn. Trump's Attorney-General is convinced that the law is whatever he wants it to be. That's Trump's angle on reality. It is whatever he says it to be.

When Barr convened a plainly stacked panel of 3 appellate judges to direct Sullivan to do Barr's bidding, Sullivan referred the decision to the entire 13 judges of the court of appeal who upheld Sullivan, not Barr.

Without a genuine prosecution, Sullivan had the presence of mind to appoint an amicus curiae, retired federal court judge, John Gleeson. I was twice appointed amicus curiae and it's a heady experience. Gleeson's brief to the court is powerful, a masterpiece. The gloves came off. He used the words "corrupt" and "Barr" in the same breath. That's the sort of thing you do not see in legal briefs. It's like calling your opposing counsel a dirtbag fraud instead of "my learned friend."

As for K-AC, unless she's already penned her story there probably isn't nearly enough time to get her book out before the election. If she had decided to hang up her spurs and retire perhaps she might consider a "tell all" book but anything less probably wouldn't interest a publisher. If, on the other hand, she's circulating resumes to all the right places, her lips must remain sealed.